Trump Supporter Really Hoping Antifa Kills Someone Soon

Bernard Combes of Clayton Missouri has a message for black-masked Antifa anarchists that are wreaking havoc in Berkeley and San Francisco and have shut down a free-speech gathering in Boston: "Kill Someone."

Bernard says that while he didn't like Trump originally, he has become very happy with the president's attacks on the press and the left. He is disturbed, however, by the president's inarticulate handling of the Antifia threat that he feels started the violence in Charlottesville.

"Those guys were out there in Nazi regalia," Bernard told RealTrueNews. "That isn't a good look. I tell my friends that I don't like Nazis and I don't like Trump--but the truth? The truth is that he's upsetting all the right people and I really like that. It's been so long since I feel like I've won anything."

"But then that son of a bitch ran that BLM rioter-girl over and some asshole got it right on camera. Then there's that guy shooting at the negro with the flamethrower. It was good when you saw that big buck flaming at a guy with a flag--but now you've got a gun? People are going to think the negro was the victim here."

Bernard said that he was hoping that the liberal media's "embrace of antifa" would create a massive crisis of credibility among the left--but when the Boston rally was described by police as being 99% peaceful, he felt let down.

"There were black-garbed leftists out there throwing bricks and urine bottles at police," Bernard said, angrily. "Why didn't the police make a statement about the rioting? If someone had been killed you know they would have. It's just [ redacted ] bad luck!"

"Then we had those protests in San Francisco--we got GREAT footage and I heard someone was beat into a coma--but that's looking less and less likely. There is also this video--thankfully it cuts off--of a black man who might be a lefty jumping over a beaten up white man. If he'd let it go just a little longer there could have been cerebral hemorrhaging or, at least, broken ribs?"

"I felt like you do when the ref stops the fight too soon. It was horrible. And the reporting is suggesting there were like thousands of counter-protesters and only a small percentage of antifa-goons. That's ... we don't want people saying that. It's not scary. It's like: They beat up hundreds of peaceful people and all we got was two videos? That's NOT good enough."

He said that the Phoenix rally had excellent chances of becoming lethal when gun-toting leftist showed up to "protect" counter-protesters.

"I was hoping for a shooting--but there was just a minor skirmish. Antifa is going to have to step it up--they're going to have to step it up a LOT if the mainstream media is going to be forced to report on them properly. I'm hoping for a death--hopefully of someone who isn't even a Nazi. If they could, like, kill a mother of three or beat up an old man--ideally a veteran--with facial damage--that would be good."

"But they're clearly pussies. I'm starting to think they don't have it in them. It's disgusting."