Trump Supporter: Disturbed To Know Globalists In Local Synagogue

L.A. Key, a stalwart supporter of Donald Trump, told CNN on Tuesday that she is "Disturbed" to learn that Globalists are or may be frequenting her local Synagogue.

"I am an America First Trump-Girl," she told host Alisyn Camerota, "and I'm a patriotic nationalist. I believe America is a place for all races, creeds, and religions--and that's why I am concerned to learn that globalists--the forces that are trying to destroy America--might be visiting in or using the local Synagogues. I don't know why a house of worship would let them do that."

Key is referring to a series of fliers which were passed around her neighborhood by other Trump voters noting that Globalists were attending or infiltrating the Temple Kol Ami Emanu-El.

Key said that when the pamphlets appeared she knew exactly what they were referring to:

"I read Breitbart so I know that the globe symbol around the name of a person means they are a 'globalist.' I also know that it can be hard to tell. Even Mr. Trump got fooled by that Gary Cohn. And now one of those generals has removed Mr. Bannon and Mr. Gorka and all the good people."

"I think it's a coup--I really do. We voted for Mr. Trump and now they have him boxed in. They're not letting any of the real media get to his office--just the mainstream stuff that we all know is slanted lies. We call it the lugenpress [ laughs ]. That means the Mainstream Media in some other language."

"I also think that Mr. Soros is behind this. I know he's behind the Antifa thugs--he's said that. That's known. But I think he's also behind that Mr. Paul Ryan and maybe Mr. McConnell. You know he funds Black Lives Riots? He pays everyone who breaks a window or sets a fire 300.00. I read that on my news-group. It's true--people have done it! Been paid."

When asked what she thought should happen, Ms. Key was very clear.

"More people need to get the word out. They can't rely on the lying media like you so we need to go to other places. If the Globalists are in the Synagogues then we need to call them out--fight them there. If they are on TV we need to turn it off. If they are in the White House, we need to expel them. In our schools? Get them out. We need to force them out if it comes to that. They're teaching our children's heads full of their lies. Like the holocaust. Like that."

"It needs to stop."