You Don't Understand The Base!

Bill Huckander is one of our Trump-Base voices on staff to improve the diversity of our viewpoints.


My brother in arms Kurt Schlichter wrote a piece today that tries to talk some sense into Republican NeverTrumpers. Good luck with that, Mr. Schlichter! Of course Kurt, writing in Town Hall has, like all Republican pundits do in an unfriendly press, one hand tied behind his back. There are things he just can't say--so I'm going to explain to you how this works. Here is why we, the base, like Trump. Hold on to your hats, NeverTrumpers--it's going to be a ride!

Kurt noted that some of the pantywaists are put off by Trump's demeanor:

He's not your grandfather’s Republican. He's more like your grandfather's buddy who got Pops drunk and took him to a brothel long before he ever met grandma. Trump’s rude and crude, and that rubs a lot of Republicans the wrong way. His cheerful vulgarity and vindictiveness, which many find his most attractive qualities, offends some people because they're decent people of moral character who just can’t go there. It rubs others the wrong way because they're hopeless wusses who would rather be loved by the WaPo than kick liberals in their Harry Reids.

Kurt can't just come out and say it--but one of the things we do like about Trump is that he does the things that most real men would do if they were rich and famous like him. Girls have to say they don't like it--but we know they really do--and so do they.

Kurt says that it's the establishment that's keeping Mr. Trump from doing his thing--that's right--of course--but he says that like you all don't know it. See, we didn't vote for Mr. Trump to give us a wall or give us better health care or any of that. That's what you all don't understand.

You keep telling us "There's no wall! Obamacare is still there! His immigration decree was held up by the courts." We know damn well his behavior makes it harder to get anything done. That's. The. Point. After eight years of Obama we've had with you. We've had it with the media that will never tell our story. We've had it with you calling our heritage hatred. We've had it with movies showing us as the bad guys. We've had it with rising black-on-white crime and you people vilifying cops.

Let me be frank: we've had it with white Americans coming in second and that's why we want America First. That's why we want Trump.

You say he's spending all his time tweeting, watching Fox and Friends, and not getting things done in congress? We. Don't. Care. Some day there will be a wall. Some day Obamacare will be gone. Some day there will be a reckoning with Islam. Trump is our warrior. He makes you mad? That's why he's there. He makes you hate him? We hated Obama every damn day he was sitting in that White House.

Now it's our turn. We're taking it. No more going to the back of the bus for us. You can sit in the back now.

Like you used to.