Trump Gives Stirring, Heart-felt Speech on Race

Following what has been a tumultuous week for the White House, president Trump took control of the situation, giving a heart-felt speech on the status of racial relations in the United States. Giving what his supporters called the "most presidential address they had heard from him--or, indeed, any American president," the general hope among the GOP was that Mr. Trump's forceful approach would calm tensions and let the nation begin to unify.

On Black Lives Matter: "We live in a nation where black people are discriminated against because of the content of their characters and not the color of their skin. They live in inner-cities where there is gun-violence, murder, and rape--as part of their every-day lives. Do black lives matter to them? Obviously not. We will bring them to he[a]l. We must bring them to he[a]l."

On Alt-Right / Neo-Nazi Rallies: "I disavow. I disavow."

On Freedom of Speech: "The black-clad forces of antifa, being pushed by foreign governments in Europe and the UK seek to destabilize our great nation. Our nation was founded on the freedom of speech and the right to bear arms. We will use the second to protect the first. The lugenpresse must be brought to he[a]l and the violent, violent, murderous urban-insurgent anarchists must be the focus of our activities. If some of the Obama-hold-over police departments will not keep the peace then we may need to rely on our well ordered militias the same way our forefathers did."

On Heather Heyek: "A beautiful, beautiful young woman was killed accidentally during a protest. This is what happens to our children when they are allowed to run rampant without proper permits and without proper supervision. If she had been home that day? If she had been home, she would have been safe."

"Some people say she was throwing bricks at police. Not me--but a lot of people. Is that how we think our young children are going to be kept safe? By throwing bricks at police? Something is wrong here. Something is very, very wrong."

On The (Tiki-Torch) Marchers in Emancipation Park: "It was a beautiful ceremony. It was orderly. It was legal. Now--you may not agree with everything they stood for. That is your right as an American--but you have to agree that it was their right to march. And as you support their right to march, you must also acknowledge that it was their right to speak. We should prohibit reprisals against these marchers--Some may have been bad, rough people--but I think it is clear that many were very, very good people."

"Were they angry? Yes--but who could look at our do-nothing Congress with lazy Mitch McConnell and Cowardly Paul Ryan and not be angry? Of course they are angry. I am angry. You are angry. They were angry. We need to tell this congress to start doing their jobs, get off their vacation, put down the golf-clubs and start legislating for the American people. If Lazy Mitch McConnell can't do that, he should hand over the job to someone who can."

On Trump Properties: "We're having an amazing year. Amazing year. I thought we would lose money--but we're doing better than ever before--that's because the economy is doing better than ever before. You won't hear that on the news--but our new facilities are the best. The absolute best--and I encourage everyone listening to see if you can book an accommodation because we are rolling out some really exciting things. Very exciting."

On His New Line of Ties: "We are rolling out some new silk Trump ties. I'll tell you where they are noit going to be marketed--Macys! [ laughs ]. "These ties--I'm wearing one now--have 'Made in America' stitched on to each one as soon as it hits the harbor. That's American textile jobs, people. You heard they all went away--no. No that's a lying story by the Lying New York Times. Textiles are coming back--big [league.]."

On His Political Opponents: "People say that Mike Pence is going to be running in 2020--let me tell you straight up--that is a lie. Our enemies in Congress. In the Deep State. In America--they are broken, broken people--and you know what? We have to lift them up--and we will--we're going to lift them up--what's that? Blow them up? Yes--yes that too. They are broken--but they will be brought to he[a]l. That's my promise to you--those people--even the most disgusting ones--they will be brought to he[a]l."

He finished with a rousing chant of; "H[eal] Trump! H[eal] Victory!" Which is supporters raised their hand[s] in salute and joined in.