SCOOP: Daily Stormer Gets New Hosting

What you see here is a soon-to-be-live shot of the web-page for The so-called "most genocidal Republican Website" on the Internet has had difficulty after being ejected from Cloudfare, Google, and GoDaddy after publishing a vile editorial about the slain demonstrator in Charlottesville VA.

The DailyStormer, being one of the first sites to endorse Donald Trump (Ed. Note--Trump's hosting seems to be confusing Stormfront and the Daily Stormer--not a huge difference), has apparently gotten permission to host the site on the White House servers and even appears in the White House's landing page. Although White House staffers were reluctant to comment on the president's decision to host the racial-hate-based web-page, Vice President Pence said:

"I stand behind the president--he is 100% right to stand up for the freedom of speech--especially from some of his strongest, earliest supporters. While not every American will agree with the content of DailyStormer-dot-org, at least we will be able to have productive conversations."

Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House, issued a statement reading: "Hatred and racism are not part of American values and I do not support any attempt to spread them by our government. I am committed to lowering taxes on the American people, repealing Obamacare, and replacing medicaid with much more affordable and substantially cheaper bloc grants."

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was even more fiery: "We in the Senate would not ever consider hosting a hate-filled website such as the White House has done. We lament the slide in American values that began under Barack Obama and we hope that the American people will come together, in unity, to restore our great nation. Make America Great Again!"

The White House is also reportedly adding Julian Assange to its Cyber-Terrorism advisory list after the entire CEO Advisory Group quit en-mass.