Trump-Voter Explains Many Sides

Toby Duggalow of Virginia wanted to make sure his fellow Americans understood what President Trump meant when he said that there was a display of hatred, bigotry, and intolerance on "many sides." He said that people who don't like the president were taking his refusal to specifically call out demonstrators waving literal Nazi flags as the cause of the violence as support for the Nazis and White Supremacists.

That, he said, was uncomfortable to him as a white male in contemporary America.

"People like me--we feel shut out a lot in America. You can say 'Black Lives Matter'--but if you say 'White Lives Matter' or 'All Lives Matter' you're a racist? When a peaceful march is met by black-masked Antifa terrorists, we're expected to just shrug our shoulders and go 'Well, they're Nazis--so they deserved it?"

"See, what Mr. Trump understands--and what he's saying--is that there's a lot of violence--incredible violence--against the white race in America. It's been going on a long time--since the 60's, I'd say, unless you want to go back to the war of northern aggression. And we've had presidents--too many--who wouldn't take the white-man's side in these conflicts. They'd call out lynchings--but not black rapes? They'd speak against the so-called civil rights marchers--but not for white people's freedom of association. That's right there in the constitution. I guess most of them haven't read it."

"But Mr. Trump has--he understands that even if the lawfully credentialed marchers hadn't been there on Saturday the Antifa, alt-left, and BLM would have been. They would have been there in the shadows, plotting violence, hunting police, and lashing out. Why I bet that girl would still have been killed, even if no one had a single confederate flag or whatever."

"You see, this violence--the violence from the left--it really has been going on for a long time--and it's growing. Those young men needed torches and bullet-proof vests and their ARs just to defend themselves. Haven't you seen the videos? Porch-monkeys all over them. I'm surprised any of them survived."

When asked about the vehicular homicide of Heather Heyer in Chancellorsville over the weekend, he said that Mr. Trump was right not to jump to any conclusions.

"The mainstream media is so dedicated to promoting a narrative," he said, "that you really do have to look closely and read between the lines. I think that as this story develops you're going to be surprised by what you'll find. Of course you won't print it--because that will break your narrative--but those of us who read the real news will know the truth. That includes President Trump. He'll be vindicated--you'll see. He always is."

When asked what that meant, he elaborated.

"The left uses what counter-terrorist experts refer to as 'false-flag' attacks. They do this all the time with the help of the deep-state and the liberal media. You see, that car? That car was driven by a Bernie Sanders supporter--they ran the VIN number and it came out. The police had to scramble to pick up someone to pin the killing on--that's why it took so long to release his name. If it really had been a white man they'd have released it immediately. That's how it works and you know it."

"But it's also part of the plan to use this killing on multiple battle-fronts. You see, the left hates nothing more than free-speech--so if someone covers what really happened? What's really going on in America? Well, they get shut down. See what GoDaddy did."

Mr. Duggalow was referring to Internet provider GoDaddy's removal of the Daily Stormer neo-nazi site for publishing an article critical of the slain Ms. Heyer:

"She would have been killed this weekend--or someone else would have--by the violent left," Duggalow asserted. "That's how they work. It's all a lie. You can see it with the whole Holo-Hoax. You can see it in the news every day. I'm glad we've got a president who will stand up for us Real Americans against the Globalist Jews and the Jewish bankers--against the Anarchists and the Feminists--the many, many, many sides that have been attacking us for years. I'm proud of that--and ever white man in America--if they're not gay--they should be too."