White Nationalist Explains How Political Correctness Leads To Nazism

Edward Montgomery Roderick of Virginia attended the "Unite The Right" march in Charlottesville VA--despite that fact that he was "not a nazi." RealTrueNews spoke with him following the rally.

RealTrueNews: Are you aware that the march included Nazi salutes, Nazi slogans, and Nazi iconography? Given all that, why would you say that participating doesn't at least make you in-league with the Nazi ideology?

Edward Montgomery Roderick: Because I'm not. See, the reason you're seeing this kind of march is that for too long the forces of Political Correctness have suppressed us--angered us--and led to this. You keep a person down long enough--call him a Nazi long enough? And eventually, well--he becomes this.

RTN: Okay--so what is 'this'?

EMR: A protester for free speech. Angry. White--male--and angry.

RTN: You're angry.

EMR: You bet I am. We all are. We're taking this country back.

RTN: What were you held back from? What do you hope to be able to do in the future that you can't do today?

EMR: Speak my mind--speak the truth. That's what the First Amendment used to promise us. Now we get banned from Twitter or YouTube--or fired from work just for opening our mouths. This is because of the Democrat-Left. They want to destroy all wrong-think, they call it.

RTN: Can you give us an example of this?

EMR: Many.

RTN: For instance?

EMR: I was fired for calling a lefty a nigger-lover. Just fired from my job at the Piggy Wiggly. Just like that. Because they went after me and doxxed me to my manager.

RTN: . . . what happened exactly?

EMR: I was at work--but I was on my break--that's very important. I wasn't working. And I saw one of those white-girls with a black-man. You know why they want that. There's only one reason. And so I told her that--and she doxxed me.

RTN: She -what- you?

EMR: Doxxed me. She outed me--to my manager. Now keep in mind I was on break. But she went right over to him and exposed what I had said. There was no inquest. No one heard my side of it. They just fired me. It was another notch in Antifa's scalp-list.

RTN: I see.

EMR: This is happening all over the nation. You talk about how women are built to follow and men to lead--like the bible says? Fired. You talk about the cranial sizes for the negro race? That's just facts, man--but you get fired. Google is hunting people down now--did you know that? It's a shadow-government.

RTN: Really?

EMR: Really. And it's worse than that. The Obama-media, if they get your name they'll publish it. They did to me.

RTN: They published your name?

EMR: In the paper--in the Tribune.

RTN: Really? Where?

EMR: The letters to the editor page. They published my name and the correspondence I sent to them telling them what I thought of their liberal-lying fake-news trash!

RTN: You sent them a letter to the editor--they published that--and you're mad about it?

EMR: I didn't give them permission. This letter--it'll show up on a Google search. It could cost me future jobs. They tried to ruin my life!

RTN: That sounds bad.

EMR: It is. And we've had it. Gay people wanting to get married. Black people always complaining about not having ID to vote? Trannies who trap men into sex and then get mad when we beat them up? The police--who are always in trouble for beating on a criminal? This all has to stop. We need to go back to when America was Great Again and person like me could get a good job--and a good woman.

RTN: You're having a hard time getting a girlfriend?

EMR: [ scoffs ] I don't want a girlfriend--I don't want some whore. I want a traditional wife. Do you know that virtually NO girl has kept her virtue to my age? They all open their legs for the blacks and the mulattoes. They ho themselves out on their web-cams. They use the Tinder-Escort-App I call it on their smart phones.

And they do all this hiding behind their contraception and abortion so they don't have to take any responsibility for their actions. These girls are going to vote a girl into the White House one of these days and then we're all fucked because she'll be bleeding when a crisis goes down and nuke something.

Don't tell me it's not coming. It is. I got friends who are SEALS and they say the military is scared shitless of a Commander-In-Skirts.

This PC stuff has to end. It can't end fast enough and if being a tiny bit of a Nazi will end it faster then I've got one thing to say: Seig Heil!