If Trump Is So Unpopular, Why Was The Charlottesville Rally So Well Attended??

Bill Huckander is one of our pro-Trump voices that RealTrueNews has added to increase our diversity. After the Google thing, though, we're considering dropping these guys.


If you listen to Nate Silver and the rest of the Voter-Suppression-Polling industry, Trump is super-unpopular. According to these math-geniuses who have never gotten anything right, his popularity keeps declining with each tweet! That's the story they'd have you believe.

But look at the rallies. Trump can still fill a stadium. Trump's donations are breaking records! And look at the groundbreaking Tiki-Torch rally for free speech in Charlottesville VA. You can see the mainstream media and lying CNN getting nervous in their firing of popular hosts like Jeff Lord just for making a joke.

It has always been like this: the sizes of Trump's rallies were always under-played. The number of marchers, last night, though, says everything to me.

Trump is strong. Trump's America is strong--and we're getting stronger.

Just ask yourself: would something like last night have happened under Obama? The answer is obviously not! They would have been shut down by a criminal Department of Justice and the anti-free-speech fascists and race-warriors that voted Obama in to power.

This nation is coming back, and it's coming back for the Real Americans!