New Dana Loesch NRA Ad: Buy Guns Or Else BLACK PEOPLE

Dana Loesch, an NRA spokesperson and conservative radio and TV host generated controversy when she appeared in a NRA TV ad which, among other things, told viewers that the National Rifle Association was "coming for the New York Times." In a growly, threatening voice, Loesch threatened 'fact checking' in the tone and terms usually used for fathers talking to a boyfriend who has knocked up their daughter.

The ad was created in April--but had little notoriety until a few days ago. This also coincided with Loesch's defense of the Philando Castile shooting wherein a non-violent concealed carrying man was shot and killed by a police officer who was acquitted.

Loesch, in her new video, a frame of which is shown above and is titled START BUYING SOME FUCKING GUNS, explains that the NRA did not come to the defense of Philando because "well, he was black."

Loesch explains to the viewer that, although Political Correctness makes people not say it, "guns are to defend ourselves from black people. If the National Rifle Association had come to the defense of a black man--even with a concealed carry license which makes him one of the least likely demographics to commit a violent crime, it would have blurred our message in a time when gun-sales are down."

"Without a Democrat in the White House, no one believes that anyone is coming for their guns and the stockpiling that have made our industry-donors so wealthy has begun to dry up. As such, it's time for me to remind you: The Failing New York Times is encouraging Black Lives Matter Thugs to kill white people--especially white gun owners--and to rape your women."

The video shows what appears to be a falsified page of the New York Times, claiming exactly that.

The video then displays a picture of Philando Castiel dressed for work in the school cafeteria where he was employed and contrast it to a picture of a desert fighter with ammo belts and a large rifle.

"You know that the lugenpresse takes the story of these people and twists it to make them look innocent," she tells the viewer in snarling tones, using the German term for "Lying Press." "What you need to know is that when the officer came across that car what he saw was a negro high on reefer-madness. A dangerous, unpredictable animal--violating the rules of his Concealed Carry agreement."

In this she apparently refers to the marijuana found on Castiel after the shooting--but (a) tries to make it seem that the officer knew about it ahead of time and (b) attempts to float a logically inconsistent argument that as Castiel was in violation of the agreement to carry a concealed weapon under the influence of drugs, that his shooting was somehow justified.

"This picture is what he really looked like," she says, indicating the Jihadi warrior. "You know it. I know it. The NRA knows it. So buy those guns before Black Storm comes for YOU."