IMRPOV! Trump Tweets Barron's North Korean Attack Plan!

A day after Trump used "improvisational" language in dealing with the North Korean crisis, president Trump once again stunned his Joint Chiefs of Staff by tweeting an image of a battle plan apparently designed by Baron Trump.

The plan, a daring strategy to neutralize DMZ warfare with communication disruption drones and something described as FOGBANK to limit line-of-sight communications would coincide with both an emergency evacuation of Seoul and surrounding area--and the insertion of a Special Operations Group "snatch team" tasked with capturing the North Korean leader Kim Jung Un and then returning him, via China, for assurances of de-nuclearization.

This plan also involved two carrier groups launching tomahawk missile strikes as a suppression move against eastward-facing North Korean missile facilities.

Sources in the Pentagon were shocked and disrupted by the president's 8:14 AM Tweet. "He's usually well in to Fox & Friends at that time," said a senior official speaking on background. "And while we've come to expect a certain amount of chaos, a complete attack-plan still caught us by surprise."

That said, officials were generally impressed by the plan's approach.

"Barron Trump got the primary missile facilities in the right places and is correct that we would want to prevent launch in the event that the operation failed. The evacuation plan and attempts to prevent coordinated artillery strikes along the DMZ are standard doctrine."

When asked about FOGBANK, he responded "no comment."

The idea of using a Special Operations team to try and kidnap Kim Jong Un was the most risky and controversial part of the plan.

"The Special Operations Group is cross-service and directed by the Pentagon itself," said the official. "It has worked with other nations in the past--we think the implication here is to use South Korean special operatives who could do a better job of blending in to the populace. Using an EMP to take out the power in Pyongyang would very likely trigger Kim being moved to a nearby bunker--"

He paused.

"Which--were the location known to us, would present a predictable window of vulnerability."

He abruptly cut off contact.

We'll keep you posted as this story develops.