We Got The Propaganda Folder!

You may have heard that Vice News reported that President Trump gets a folder of "positive news" every morning to keep his spirits up! Some people have called this the "propaganda folder" and you've probably wondered what was in it?

Well, RealTrueNews doesn't like getting scooped--so we got our hands on one. Yep--that picture above is the actual propaganda file that was delivered to Trump a few days ago! It lays out a string of positive, affirmative news that will make our POTUS's heart leap with joy.

Apparently facing some slim pickings, the team that creates it, most of whom were fired by "The Mooch" for being "insufficiently positive" were forced to either use misspelled Fox News Chyrons or work with what they call "Alternative Messages" such as a Tweet from Barack Obama stating that he feels inferior to Trump given Trump's accomplishments so early in his fledgling presidency.

The person we spoke to called this initiative the "protective bubble."

"Think of it like Star Trek--remember Star Trek? They had the shields? Well the shields would be up and everything was fine but then sometimes they'd get hit or something and the shields would go down and everyone would get thrown around the room? Remember that? Well, think of it like that. So long as Trump's shields are up, he's fine--but if those shields drop . . ."

Asked whether or not they were required to be honest or representative of the media environment when reporting to Trump our contact shook his head vigorously.

"Nooo. Nooooooooo. That would not be wise. Not good. No--you don't want angry Trump. Angry Trump isn't good for anyone. No-No-No."

Asked what kind of stories Trump most responded to, he said that bad things about Hillary or Obama were at the top of the list. Then stories about rich people in industry or Hollywood praising him. They said that he was very interested in people calling him 'smart' and were trying to see if he knew who Stephen Hawking was, as a story about Hawking calling Trump the 'most advanced intellect on the planet today' would be a surefire win if he knew who the famous physicist was (they also noted that in the event that Trump tried to contact Mr. Hawking, a staffer with a 'vibration generator' held to his throat could play the part easily!).

They also admitted they had been giving Mr. Trump some so-called "Page 4 girls" which were images of scantily clad or even naked Slavic beauties who were presented as stalwart supporters of his presidency who resided in "the heartland."