NORKON '17: Bomb-Book Air (Smaller, Lighter, Nuclear Weapon)

A long rumored development was made official today at Norkon '17--the Bomb-Book 'Air.' Debuted as the smallest, lightest North Korean nuclear warhead yet, this 15kt small-yield package enriched with Cobalt-60 was the keystone of the 2017 product-line.

Said Dear Leader Kim Jong-Un: "With the Bomb-Book Air you can turn your enemies into a lake of fire--and exact 1000-fold retribution for any sanctions or insulting movies by horrible North American so-called comedians. The Bomb-Book Air features longer flying times, higher accuracy, and a 7.62 giga-pixel camera!"

Utilizing state of the art Russian miniaturization technology the Bomb-Book Air, given to the hermit kingdom to further Mr. Putin's attempts to destabilize NATO, the warhead is said to fit neatly inside the final-stage re-entry vehicle. Unboxing videos on YouTube showed the vibration control padding and very high quality packing we have come to expect from state of the art Weapons of Mass Destruction.

The Bomb-Book is expected to be deployed sometime during the fall possibly released to coincide with the Robert Mueller findings phase of his Trump-Administration investigation.

The marketing campaign features JEONG, a Korean cartoon character who will act as an assistant in targeting, bomb-damage assessment, and threatening enemies of the regime. Some observers were disappointed that the rumored configurations of a Neutron Bomb, Multiple Independently Targeted Re-Entry Vehicle, or a Rose-Gold colored outer shell casing did not materialize.