Professor: We're Going To Need Russia's Help To Get Through This Investigation

Professor Michael Holt teaches World History and Political Science at Arizona University. He is a self-described Intellectual-Supporter of president Donald Trump. His views do not reflect RealTrueNews's.


What we are witnessing in our government--in our own White House--has almost no precedent in history. To put a fine point on it, we are seeing a slow-moving coup by forces inside and outside the government to depose our rightfully, democratically elected leader. Whatever the truth of Russian Interference or falsified news, one thing is clear: Donald J. Trump won the Electoral Vote on November 8th 2016. This concerted attempt to discredit and remove him is a gross usurpation of power and an affront to millions of Americans who voted for him believing he would make America great again.

Bill of Injustices

This genre of writing usually begins with a list of the injustices done by the affronting parties and I shall do my best to list the most recent and relevant issues here--to list them all would simply take too long.

  • Leaks Of Conversations With World Leaders: A party or parties unknown has leaked to the lugenpresse what are alleged to be conversations between Mexico and Australia and Mr. Trump. These are sensitive discussions and interfere with the Executive's ability to speak freely with other world leaders. They also make Mr. Trump appear to be something of a fool--a liar to his base--and more concerned about his messaging than his policy. This leak must be punished--but a recalcitrant Department of Justice, laden with Obama holdovers, has refused to take up the issue.

  • Betrayal By H.R. McMaster: One of the most important messages that Mr. Trump and his friendly media sends to his believers is that there is a wide-scale coordinated conspiracy of cultural Marxism and Maoist activism working with Islamic forces to undermine America. This message unites Americans and presents them with a ready-made enemy that can be projected over any institution that attacks Mr. Trump. The president's own head of the National Security Council fired a pro-Trump member for spreading a memo outlining this perspective. Attempting to remove a valuable conspiracy theory can be seen metaphorically like kicking one of the legs out of a three-legged stool.

  • Betrayal By Congress: Congress is effectively controlled by the Democrats. They were able to turn several weak-kneed republicans (the cowardly McCain and two females) against Mr. Trump when what he needed was a "Win" of any sort. This is petty, disgusting behavior. As Mr. Trump noted, the Democrats would certainly have abolished the filibuster were they in charge.

  • Investigating Mr. Trump: During the '16 campaign intelligence agencies picked up conversations that showed apparent collusion between Mr. Trump and Russia. Indeed, we know that Don Jr. met with Russian assets seeking a cooperative hand-over of opposition research against Hillary Clinton. Should collusion be proven, those not appropriately loyal to Mr. Trump might conceivably turn against him. It is outrageous for a Republican Congress and Trump-Controlled Department of Justice to allow an investigation of this material against a president of their own party. It undermines the message that there is "no smoke, no fire." This message is vital to Mr. Trump's perceived legitimacy.

  • Investigating Statements of No Importance: The mainstream media insists on relentlessly investigating claims such as "The leader of the Boy Scouts of America called Mr. Trump to congratulate him," and Mr. Trump's parental ghost-write of the letter Donald Trump Jr. sent to congress concerning his opposition-research meeting with the Russians. This relentless, partisan-driven investigation undermines the Oval Office's ability to set out a narrative and stick to it. For example, bandying comparative pictures of inauguration crowd-sizes damages Mr. Trump's claim that his celebration was larger than Obama's. There is no reason at all for the Media to be picking a side in this fight.

  • There Are Many More. The media doggedly reports on the various white nationalist ties members of the administration has. This was not done in the Obama or Bush administration. They call out falsified magazine covers hanging in Mr. Trump's private clubs--also a new event for a presidential administration. They express partisan anger or at least disbelief at the president's inclination to install direct family members in the White House--something that they completely gave, for example, Obama a pass for. This asymmetric treatment of Mr. Trump exposes the depth and breadth of the actions against him.

What Must Be Done

Our path out of this is clear: Mr. Trump must depose Special Counsel Mueller, fire the betrayer McMaster, and bring Congress to heel. We must hope we can count on Justice Goresuch to remain loyal through what will likely be a trying time.

The problem is that Mr. Trump is so undermined that his rightful ability to take these actions is undermined. For this, we must rely on outside help--from Moscow.

Moscow has every reason to want to support Mr. Trump. He is amicable to them, willing to reduce or remove sanctions for the killing of an anti-Putin reporter and a policy of accommodation concerning their aid in the 2016 election. Now, more than ever, they stand ready to help the White House. We must hope that they do.

The Good News: They Are

There are some bright spots in this mess. Firstly influential journalist Sean Hannity appears to be willing to work with Russia to defend our president:

Secondly, a site that tracks activity of Russian Twitter-bots ( is showing strong support for Mr. Trump's narrative:

We can see that they are joining in the call to #FireMcMaster--securing democracy, indeed.

We are going to need ever ounce of Russian help we can get against a media who feels it is their job to shout defamatory stories about our president at the top of their lungs and an obstructionist congress who would, it seems, rather have Mr. Pence.