Hannity: Too Many Aarons On Mueller's Team

Last night on Fox's Sean Hannity show, Special Counsel Robert Mueller again came under fire--in this case for have two members of the team whose names were "Aaron Z."

"What are the odds? I ask you what are the odds? When you see a team with two 'Jameses' on it, you may think that is normal--that is okay--but when this team--which has vast, sweeping powers, has not one 'Aaron Z'--but two? And a 'Z-A' in the form of one Zainab Ahmad? Then I ask you if someone is trying to send a message?

That's exactly what they're trying to do--the Global Special Interests--these cosmopolitan [ a term that, oddly was once used in German rhetoric to refer to Jews--Ed. ]global special interests--bankers, money-lenders, I don't know what--these Globalists--want to send you a message about who is in charge--whose the 'new sheriff' in town."

At this point Hannity populated the image with yellow stars appearing next to some of the names:

"Does this look right to you?" he asked his viewers. "I think we all know what's going on here. I think we all do."

He then pivoted to the Stephen Miller-Jim Acosta spat over the poem at the base of the Statue of Liberty. Noting, correctly, that the text was added later (much in the same was as "In God We Trust" and "One Nation, Under God" were added later to money and the pledge of alliance--and thus are never used by Evangelicals to claim that America is a Christian nation), Hannity then spoke about the author of the poem, Emma Lazarus, who he pointed out, several times, using identical language each time, was a Jewish communist--a subversive--who wanted to make America the 'dumping ground' of the world."

Then looking at the camera, he said that anyone who felt he was parroting white nationalist language point-for-point was obviously a deplorable--but maybe also a "liberal" who would try to "make history racist." He then winked.