SCOOP: Trump Dictated Scaramucci Call To New Yorker Reporter

New leaks from the White House have revealed that Trump, himself, dictated Don Jr.'s misleading letter about the Russian campaign meeting--but even more shockingly, photographic evidence has arisen showing that Trump also dictated then Press-Secretary Anthony Scaramucci's obscenity-laced phone call to reporter Ryan Lizza.

"They were in this huddle on T-Force 1 [Airforce One] and they're laughing . . . giggling. And Trump is going 'He sucks, sure--but what does he suck?'" A source present at the event reported.

"The Mooch wanted to call Bannon the c-word--I--uh--well, there are several. The British one? You--know--Mooch wanted to call him a 'cunt'--but Trump was like, 'No--you call him paranoid. That guy is always afraid the Israeli anti-Nazi team is gonna come for him or something! Then they're giggling again!"

Sources also said that Trump had joked with Russian president Vladimir Putin about "What [ Secretary of Energy ] Rick Perry would believe," stating at one point "If that guy hasn't got his smart-glasses on, I bet he'd take a call from anybody."

Observers say that Trump is aware that his supporters believe him to have a tactical plan with depth and sophistication--and he finds ironic pleasure in seeing how far he can go before they figure out he's just doing whatever pops into his head.

Aides have also had to intervene to prevent him from "ordering a bomb implanted surgically into Dennis Rodman" in an attempt to solve the "North Korea thing."

We'll let you know as this story continues to develop.