Mom Hopes Recovering Daughter Can Stay Strong When Trump Kills ACA

Teresa Montgomery's daughter Susan is in recovery from Oxycontin addiction thanks to the Affordable Care Act coverage she has received for the last three years. That could change, however, if the Affordable Care Act markets collapse and she is no longer able to get her insurance. Susan's mother, Teresa, says she hopes her daughter can remain strong after President Trump takes steps to hasten the destruction of the ACA.

RealTrueNews: You voted for Mr. Trump last November?

Teresa Montgomery: I did. I'd do it again. He's a great man--just what this country needs.

RTN: Do you think that removing the help your daughter is getting from her insurance is worth hastening the destruction of the ACA?

TM: No--well, yes. I mean, it has to be done. When we were watching the vote the other night and that John McCain--bless his heart--went up there and betrayed us, I was breath-taken. Mr. Trump has been working so hard to improve this country after the past 8 years and that's how McCain repays him? I couldn't believe it.

I have to admit, I took it personally. I couldn't sleep that night. I was so upset. So now that Mr. Trump is going to exercise his--what is it--executive authority? And stop the mandate and stop the payments that prop up the insurance companies on the government's dime? Well, I think that has to happen. The Democrats made fun of us--so it's time for us to put them back in their place.

RTN: What do you tell your daughter who is using those services to try to get out from under her addiction?

TM: I tell her that those Democrats were taking selfies with Elizabeth Warren after that vote! I sent out the pictures to everyone on my mailing list! I saw it on Fox and Friends! Selfies! After that betrayal!

I told everyone at my church reading group that America wanted a win last night--and failing the bill wasn't a win. Mr. Trump needs our support--he needs the support of the whole country!

RTN: But do you think that Obamacare would fail even if he continued to make the lawfully mandated payments and enforced the individual mandate?

TM: Oh, I'm sure it would--well, I mean, I hope it would. Wouldn't that be the worst thing if it just continued on somehow? Does anyone think it could?

RTN: Experts say that if the required rules were kept in place and enforced, yes. It could continue.

TM: Well then see? That's why Mr. Trump needs to kill it.

RTN: Why, exactly?

TM: Because healthy people shouldn't pay for sick people's care. That's what they say on Fox and Friends and I agree. Also, the government shouldn't be able to force you to buy insurance. That's against the constitution.

RTN: What do you say to people who say that pooling--healthier people paying into a pool to cover sick people when they need it--is the foundation of insurance--or that the government forces you to have car insurance if you drive?

TM: I say that sick people should pay more. That's just the way it is. A lot more. And if they can't afford it? They can get a better job--or go to the emergency room. Also, you can choose not to drive. Seriously you sound like my daughter!

RTN: Could you choose not to drive?

TM: I live out on a farm. Of course I have to drive. What kind of stupid question is that.

RTN: Is your daughter concerned about losing her addiction recovery plan?

TM: Of course she is. We're all praying for her.

RTN: Does she know you want to see the markets destroyed as quickly as possible?

TM: Oh yes. I'm very upset at the Republicans. I was never so humiliated. I was so--so--angry when that vote failed. Why couldn't McCain just let the bill go to conference? Why can't they let Mr. Trump have even the tinniest little win? You know? I think our nation could come together if the Democrats would just swallow their pride and let the system work for once--for the people's president.

RTN: But does Susan know you're putting that "win" over her chance at recovery?

TM: She knows how I feel. I'm praying for her. And I can't wait to see Mr. Trump kill off that horrible Obamacare!