Trump-Voters Elated As Skinny-Repeal Removes Obama's Last Legacy

Margaret Manning of Liston Louisiana said she felt "vindication and relief" as she believed the Senate voted last night to finalize her long awaited repeal of Obamacare. Manning, who receives health care through the ACA medicaid expansion, said she trusted her Republican representatives to keep her health care safe even as they removed the "wasteful spending" of Obamacare.

"It really has been about cleaning off the stain that Obama left on this country," said Manning, who had become frustrated with what she called Democrat-Obstructionism in what she wrongly believed was a Democrat-held congress. "They're fighting tooth and nail to keep these failed policies in place while people like me just want affordable health care and jobs."

"Last night we really stuck it to them. I hope Obama wakes up this morning and finds out he's just gone-gone-gone into the history books."

Manning referred to an incorrect set of reporting on her preferred right-wing websites that claimed that the Senate had approved the so-called Skinny Repeal Bill with John McCain casting the deciding vote. She called reporting to the contrary "FakeNews - hashtag fake news," believing that, seeing Obama defeated, the mainstream media had circled wagons to report a defeat of the bill.

"The Skinny Repeal," she said, misunderstanding the term, but filling in the gaps with her own assumptions, "gets rid of the wasteful spending--such as aid to non-working but capable minorities, and focuses only on providing real health care at affordable prices to Americans in need. Just like Mr. Trump promised."

In fact, the so-called Skinny Repeal was so-named because it was calibrated to repeal only the most unpopular elements of the ACA in an attempt to garner 50 votes in the Senate. When asked if she had heard that even some Senate Republicans who voted for the bill hoped it wouldn't pass, Manning wasn't surprised.

"Well I think that there's a lot of, you know, people who claim to be Republicans--but they're really Republicant's. That's what I think. And Mr. Trump is gonna get rid of them too. Just you watch! The next elections are really gonna turn this country on its head. Once Republicans win back the congress and get rid of all the Obama people in the White House? That's when you'll see this country get great again."