Trump Must Be Brilliant About How He Fires Mueller

Dr. Michael Holt is a pro-Trump professor who RealTrueNews has included in the roster to bring a diversity of voices to our publication. His view-points are his own.


My esteemed college Kurt Schlichter has presented an intelligent case for how Trump must (and he must) go about firing Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Unfortunately, while accurate in its construction, I don't think it quite goes far enough. Still, as I agree with Kurt, I'm going to use it as a basis for how Trump should actually go about excising the cancer that is Mueller from our republic.

Kurt's Case:

  1. Cite 28 CFR 45.2 - Mueller should be disqualified from his position for having a personal friendship that is a conflict of interest. After all, as Kurt says, "Any American is going to understand that you don’t appoint the pal of the “victim” to investigate the “crime.”

  2. Using the same cite, force Mueller to explain why none of his high-powered investigators donated to Trump. They're all Clinton donors! With half the country voting for Trump (Schlichter quotes 45% in his letter, a mistake--say half or even "the majority"), shouldn't random chance indicate that at least some of them should have donated to Trump? Failure to include these people is a clear smoking gun.

  3. Demand to know the course of action that Mueller has taken/is taking to plug the damaging, illegal leaks from his department. When he can't, the stage is set to get rid of him.

Now, Kurt wisely notes that the point here is to make the average (real) American reader think that (a) Mueller is investigating Comey's firing, that (b) his staff is chosen for their ideological backing rather than, say, their resumes, and that (c) Mueller's office is obviously the source of anonymous leaks.

Kurt is correct that, if phrased properly, the average real American will, in fact, see it that way--however, he is forgetting that the target audience of the explanation is, mostly Trump supporters. As such, they are already prompted to believe things like:

  • Obama faked his birth certificate and was born in Kenya (jury still out)

  • Hillary had DNC operative Seth Rich murdered for leaking Podesta's emails to Wikileaks

  • Russia is an ally of America with shared goals in Syria, Europe, and North Korea / Afghanistan

Given this, it is political malpractice to leave anything on the table when undertaking something so politically expensive as firing a special counsel appointed to investigate an administration's collusion with Russia. Here is the letter that President Trump should send--it is a good deal smarter than Mr. Schlichter's (given the specific target audience).

Mr. Mueller [ Omit the 'Dear'--this isn't Trump's Victorian-era pen-pal ]

Instead of investigating the Clinton Administration's rape of the Republic, her collusion with foreign adversaries, and continuing work with Obama 5th Columnists here at home to destabilize the nation, you have decided, without reason, to investigate the choice of a majority of patriotic Americans for the presidency, me, Donald J. Trump. As most Americans are now saying, this cannot continue. [ Here Trump alludes to the fact that most of the target audience is unclear on who exactly controls government and thinks it may be Obama/Hillary. ]

You were appointed to investigate the felonious gifting of America's strategic uranium reserves to Russia by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, her role in the extra-judicial murder of the Benghazi-four, and the illegal sale of weapons to Mexican Terrorists under the Fast and the Furious movie license. Instead you have "gone rogue" and are investigating the legitimate government of the United States. [ Here Mr. Trump establishes that the average American is unclear on who appointed Mueller to do what--but references political mythology that will be resonant with most of the readers. ]

As such, I am left no choice but to fire you. The Democrats who control congress and the Obama-era and close personal friend hold-over/deep state agent Rod Rosenstein who appointed you over the objections of feckless Attorney General Jeff Sessions won't take responsibility. But I will. The buck stops with me. [ Here Trump leverages the average American's lack of clarity about who appointed whom, and who controls what. They will believe that the Democrats control congress and that Jeff Sessions objected to the hire. They will certainly believe that Rosenstein is an Obama-era hold over and not a Trump appointee. ]

You're fired.

-President Donald J. Trump