It's Time For The TRiUMPh Party

Dr. Michael Holt is a professor of political science and history. He writes for RealTrueNews as a pro-Trump voice. His views are his own (and, unfortunately, the views of far too many Americans). This article is in response to the Washington Examiner's Op-Ed by Joseph Murray "Time to replace the Republican Party with a pro-Trump party."


The 2016 elections sent a clear and concise message to the American government: "We're tired of your weak, ineffectual, pretend-governance for the coastal elites." That message, unfortunately, was not received. What we have, instead, is a collection of career or would-be-career politicians listening to plainly discredited polls to determine what their stance on issues should be. It's time to dispense with this outdated and failed model.

Instead we need a party with a clear and consistent ideology: Do What Trump Says.

President Trump is a unique political animal. He is not an old-style go-along-get-along Republican. He isn't a create-a-communist-welfare-state-with-no-gender-identities Democrat. He's an America-First Patriot. Everyone in his government needs to also be America First. Hence, I am calling for the creation of the TriUMPh Party.

For obvious reasons.

The TRiUMPh Party Platform

  1. Build Walls. This goes for the southern border wall necessary to protect our great nation. It goes for infrastructure walls to hold up American ingenuity. It applies to real Americans having walled neighborhoods to keep thugs out. We should even consider the "Walker-Wall" to the north as we cannot trust Mr. Tredeau not to interfere with our elections given what he has already done to undermine Mr. Trump.

  2. Reform Immigration. The Democrat party wants to turn America into 'a nation of immigrants.' It is the job of the TRiUMPh Party to keep that from happening. We must remove illegal invaders, restrict Indians and Pakistanis who try to come to our shores legally, no longer coddle terrorist "refugees" trying to back-door the system and enter under false pretenses. Immigration must be stopped. The right people will still know how to come here legally.

  3. Reform The First Amendment. The press has become a disruptive, destructive force in American society. The so-called journalists who produce biased think-pieces in a desperate attempt to reverse an election they felt they should have controlled must be stopped. What America recognizes as "news" must be seen for what it really is: hate-speech against millions and millions of Trump-voters. These reporters must be charged with hate-crimes.

  4. Reform Congress With Term Limits For Minority Parties. The Democrat party has pioneered a breath-taking degree of obstructionism against Mr. Trump's legitimate government. In order to ensure that this plan does not bear poisoned fruit of the poisoned tree, we must enact term-limits for minority parties to unclog the halls of government which, today, are like a malfunctioning toilet. Proven leaders in the majority should be allowed to continue, of course.

  5. Presidential Review of Judicial Cases: The President is wisely given a veto-power over congress. This must be extended to the so-called judicial branch of the US Government. Mr. Trump should be able to review and reverse any court decision (allow a 70% agreement to overturn, if you must). This will restore balance to the government and break the black-robed choke hold we now see.

The Press and the Democrat party will scream about this, of course--but we all know the time is here--the time is now--and we, the American people, have just about had it.