Mansplainer: Why Didn't They Repeal Obamacare?

Question: Why did the Republicans fail to repeal and replace Obamacare?

Answer: Because the repeal / replace was always based on a lie to the Republican Base that the ACA was being done either stupidly--or to help black people--and that they could do it much smarter and have it help white people.

They couldn't. They knew they couldn't. So they didn't even try. As a result, Obamacare is actually popular.

Question: If everyone hates Obamacare, how can it be popular?

Answer: What the GOP base really hates is Obama. Obamacare, they're actually okay with so long as you don't call it that.

Question: What now?

Answer: Mitch McConnell will try to hold a vote "only to repeal"--but then switch it to a vote for the Senate bill at the last second, hoping to force all the Senators into a no-win position of either voting for his dog of a bill or "voting to keep Obamacare."

Question: Is that smart?

Answer: Mitch McConnell is a fucking necromancer, son. If anyone can revive that bill, it's him.

Question: Should I be worried?

Answer: Only if you like healthcare.

Question: Worst case scenario here?

Answer: For who?

  • The GOP - They have to negotiate with Democrats to protect the American people, thus damaging their brand irrevocably.

  • Trump - The bill somehow passes and he has to sign it into law, forcing his base to figure out who other than him to blame for their losing health care benefits.

  • Fox News - Having to cover the story without clearly having someone to blame for Americans not losing coverage.

  • Democrats - Bill dies, taking away a great 2018 campaign issue.

  • Trump's Base - Waking up to realize they've been lied to (fortunately this will never happen)

  • Mitch McConnell - Being unable to shift the blame to Trump and having to figure out how to shiv Paul Ryan in the lower house.

Question: How will we get healthcare reform now?

Answer: You'll need to actually vote for it. Fortunately, you won't do that.

Question: What will happen to Obamacare?

Answer: Trump and the GOP will do everything in their power to sabotage it rather than give Democrats a win.

Question: Is ... Is that a good idea? That sounds really stupid ...

Answer: It's worked for them so far.

Question: But won't GOP voters get angry when they lose healthcare?

Answer: Considering that they were angry when they got healthcare from a Democrat, it's safe to say they won't be angry about losing it to republcians. They don't want democrats to have a 'win' either.

Question: Can Trump do anything to help?

Answer: Trump just tweeted that the Senate should nuke the filibuster to pass the bill, despite the fact that the bill they are failing to pass only needs 50 votes. Trump has no idea how the process works (or he hopes you don't).

Question: What if the Senate votes to repeal without replacement?

Answer: Chaos, as the insurance markets collapse. But the good news is that this will pale next to the chaos when the GOP fails to increase the debt ceiling--a governing body that would collapse its own markets will surely fail to protect the country's credit.

Question: This sounds grim . . .

Answer: Game of Thrones was delayed because GRRM was working on the final season of "America." What did you expect??