Trump Voters: Can Putin Help In 2020 Too?

After not being shocked by revelations that Donald Trump Jr. had welcomed help from the Russian government against the DNC and, according to a Druge Report story, received it, Trump voters getting ready for the 2020 push included images of Vladimir Putin in their campaign materials. Their theory? Russia wants to Make America Great Again too.

"I think we're on the same side here," said Martha Wentwroke of Bloont County Alabama. "Putin is a friend of Trump. Trump is a friend of America--therefore it's only logical. Putin wants to help America too. What's good for Russia is good for America," she said. "I think it's great they got help against Hillary."

Others agreed. "If it was between Putin-Trump and Hillary Clinton? Well, you know how corrupt Hillary was," said Edward Fisburg who claims he 'voted twice' for Trump in a county that went overwhelmingly for Donald Trump in the 2016 election. "I like Putin. He's a Christian. Hillary was a satanist--it's confirmed. He's white--and he's for white people--white people are being attacked all over the globe now by the New World Order. He wants lower healthcare prices for Americans just like Mr. Trump does--so he's against Obamacare too. I mean, of course I voted for him--and if Vladimir Putin ran on the ticket in 2020, I'd vote for Mr. Trump then too."

The idea that Russia is a hostile power and that working with them might be against the best interests of America was one that many in this rural farming community held until recently.

"When there wasn't any proof of any collusion," Martha told us, "I--yeah, I guess I did say that it'd be bad if someone in the Trump campaign had done things to sway the election. But now that it's out there, it's clear that it just isn't that big of a deal. I hear that North Korea can hit us with Nukes right now. Russia can't do that. Who's a bigger threat? I think it's clear. And also, Hillary colluded with Ukraine--I heard that on the news," she said triumphantly.

"If Hillary did it first and worst, why are we concerned about what Trump did? All he wants to do is make America better for Americans. Hillary wants to make it better for Mexicans. I know who I choose."

In fact, most of the Trump-supporters interviewed moved back and forth between decrying Hillary for colluding with the government of Ukraine which they understood to be a Nazi-influenced force that is slaughtering Russian Christians, and applauding Trump for colluding with Vladimir Putin, whom they believe qualifies as an American patriot. When asked to compare what had happened with Ukraine revealing that Trump-campaign manager Paul Manafort had been on the payroll of pro-Russian forces in their campaign to destabilize American ally Ukraine, it was clear that they were unclear on the specifics.

"It's a known fact that the DNC was involved in the Lend-Lease aid to the Ukraine in 2016," said Edward Nostris, who runs a diner in Bloont County. "I mean, everyone knows this--they just don't talk about it on the news because they hate Mr. Trump. I've gotten so tired of it, I just turn it off. I sure hope they get tired of this conspiracy theory and pass healthcare. I refused to sign up for Barack Hussein Obama's death-panel Obamacare but I've got some pre-existing stuff and I really need coverage. I'm hoping Mr. Trump passes medical care for white people really soon."

When asked what Putin could do to help Trump in 2020, Nostris theorized that he could do the same thing he did in 2016--provide the Real Facts about Hillary's satanism and corruption to Americans so they could make their own choices. He also felt that if they could make sure the voting machines "worked properly" and maybe get some of those illegals, niggers, and liberal females off the voting roles they could really help Make America Great Again.