9/11 Truther Disturbed To Discover He Sounds Exactly Like Flat-Earther

Matthew McKennison of Wellington Kentucky was deeply disturbed to discover that although he found his deeply-held belief that 9/11 was the work of an American conspiracy and not Islamic terrorists, his discussions of the event had incredibly close parallels to what those who believe the earth is flat are saying.

"I looked in to the Flat-Earther thing after an online argument. The guy told me that I made as much sense as a flat-earther and he threw some quotes back at me--which sounded just like what I'd typed 30 seconds ago." The quote in question came from a Denver Post article about the growing Flat Earth movement:

“There’s so much evidence once you set aside your preprogrammed learning and begin to look at things objectively with a critical eye,” says Bob Knodel, a Denver resident and featured guest at a recent Tuesday meeting. “You learn soon that what we’re taught is mainly propaganda.”

"When he asked me to explain the 9/11 Conspiracy in detail, I just told him that the official story [ Matthew makes air-quotes ] was obviously complete nonsense. Then he copy-pasted this . . ."

Flat Earthers don’t claim to know with certainty, instead paying lip service to “common sense” evidence they claim can be proved. When skeptics demand proof, though, Flat Earthers wield reams of figures from so-called curvature tests and gyroscope calibrations that seem to buttress their views.

"I had to admit it kind of sounded like me. That was . . . upsetting."

Matthew then, with some trepidation, took a plunge into the flat-earther communities on YouTube. What he discovered confirmed his worst fears.

"They have all these--they have a ton of videos. They have scientists. They've got engineers--they've got all these people who seem really smart--but they're all saying the earth is fucking clearly flat. I mean, it's spooky. I point to some footage where the owner of Building 7 says it was demolished--I mean, he clearly knew it was coming down when he should not have--and then there's this video where an astronaut 'admits' the International Space Station is a hoax--I mean, he just compares it to the plane--but the Flat Earth guys are like 'he admitted it! He slipped up!' and I'm thinking . . . maybe they're overstating that?"

He shivered visibly.

"It's spooky. For everything we had there was something these guys had."

McKennison made it worse when he went into a Flat Earther chat-room and challenged them to prove their 'ridiculous assertion.'

"I was like: how hard can this be, we know gravity works. We can see the curvature of the earth. I went in to shoot them down." He shook his head. "It all went to shit."

McKennison explained to RealTrueNews that when a Mainstream Media believer comes to him with the standard stock-pile of lies the press and government has created around the 9/11 story, he hits them with eye-opening truth-bombs that "shake them to their core."

"I've got hot-links to a BBC article finding some of the so-called 9/11 hijackers alive. I've got stuff links ready to go about steel skyscrapers and fire. I've got this whole complicated timeline that proves the powers-that-be in New York as well as key people in the media knew the towers were coming down before they fell--I can usually stun them--then sometimes flip 'em." He said with pride.

"But when I went into that Flat Earth room. Man. Those guys . . . they knew some esoteric shit." He paused, thoughtfully. "It wasn't like I thought it'd be."

The Flat Earthers presented a model where the earth, although flat, has a modest curvature and is accelerating through space under some form of (yet unexplained) thrust that provides acceleration to simulate gravity. They provided him with 'proofs' of a flat earth involving experiments with iPhone accelerometers and the Michaelson Moreley experiment.

Unable to answer basic questions about astrophysics' position on relative motion (how can the earth scientifically be said to orbit the sun when, in fact, we know both the sun and earth move in relative motion to each other?), Matthew was forced to conclude he could not prove the earth was round. In a panic he fled the channel.

"I've had people do that to me," he said. "they just punch-out when the Truth gets too hard for them. When I did it I was like . . . fuck. That's what it feels like?"

In the end, Matthew was forced to conclude that he simply could not accept a flat earth because of how many people and how long of a conspiracy it would take to hide it. "Airline pilots, GPS companies--all of this--everyone at NASA--and now SpaceX--and in all different countries . . ."

"But you know . . . the guy who sent me on that fucking goose chase said the same thing about the 9/11 Conspiracy. All the people it would take to do it--to keep it quiet--all of that."

He paused.

"But that's stupid. I know the 9/11 story is a LIE and I know that the only Truth that makes sense is that it was an Inside Job."

Matthew resumed his Internet argumentation--changing his focus to the Seth Rich DNC murders. "These are easier to prove," he said. "We're just days away from having the video that'll prove it."