Shocked Trump-Voter Learns Trump Lost Popular Vote, Is Under FBI Investigation, No Wall

Lee Ganders of Gaston Alabama was shocked to learn that Trump had lost the popular vote, was now under FBI investigation for obstruction of justice, and had not started, much less completed his southern border wall. Expressing disbelief, when told, she first went to her laptop--but then, after minutes of frantic searching and reading, placed a call to her adult son to see if he could verify some of the things she was "seeing in the mainstream media."

"I was always taught that the person with the most votes won the election." she told RealTrueNews. "How can he have won if he didn't get the most votes?" Attempts to explain the Electoral College were generally fruitless--but she allowed that there might be some "liberal math or technicalities" involved.

She also pointed to articles in her preferred media outlets that suggested without evidence that as many as three million people might have voted illegally. In fact polling shows that about 1/3rd of Republicans don't know that Trump lost the popular vote that margin with no significant voter fraud.

"This FBI thing is bad, though," she said. "I mean, how can they launch an investigation of the president and nobody has heard anything about this. They're doing it in secret, like the secret police. That should be illegal, shouldn't it? This is America--I don't think the FBI can investigate the president and how can he obstruct justice?"

She shook her head. "I told [ her son ] Alex that it was just liberal lies--like they always do--but he said that Trump had tweeted that he was under investigation by that Jew in the Department of Justice. I don't know what Mr. Trump was thinking, trusting people who worked for Obama."

Learning that the Mexican Wall was not completed, however was the greatest shock.

"I don't think that's right," she said. "Ann Coulter--I admire her a lot. That's a strong woman--but I mean, she hasn't gone down to New Mexico to see if the wall is there or not, has she?" Reviewing a Fox News broadcast, she determined that Coulter was not, in fact, reporting from the border.

"If that were true," she said, "my media would have told me. I mean--that's true for all of this, isn't it? We know the press lies--but I have sources I trust and they don't talk about this populist vote or the FBI investigations. I mean, it was Hillary under investigation for her emails she sent to Weiner, wasn't it? Maybe people are just getting confused?"

"Think the wall is there," she concluded. "I believe President Trump and I believe in The Wall. I think these talking heads on TV don't know what they're yapping about."