Local Man Unable To Figure Out Why He Keeps Getting Called A Racist

Jeffery Williams Wellington has a question: "Why do people who disagree with me keep calling me racist." By his own reasoning, Wellington, a community fitness coach in Grayson Ohio, is the least racist person on the planet.

RealTrueNews: Thanks for speaking with us. Can you tell us exactly who is calling you racist--and when they say that?

Jeffery Williams Wellington: I would say it's mainly liberals--and it's whenever we talk, well, about anything. When you point out facts, liberals just say "Well those facts are racist." See, it's easier for them to call me a racist than to debate the facts. That's what makes them liberal, I think.

RTN: Can you give me an example?

JWW: Well, sure. I mean, first there's black-on-black crime, of course. Liberals only want to talk about the minority cases of White-on-Black crime. But I happen to like the fact that professional sports are basically slavery. I mean, look: the players get bid on--at auction. They're chosen for their physical aptitude--and look, the NBA and most of the NFL? They're black--but the owners--the masters of the team--they're white!

RTN: Do you ... talk about this a lot?

JWW: I do. I bring it up when the teams or the players are misbehaving. I think it makes a good point. Like the player that took a knee during the National Anthem? I'm glad he's not being signed. That boy is completely racist. Yeah, I never miss a chance. When one of those people gets shot by a police officer? I usually point out that Michael Brown was a strong-armed robber. It's important that people know these things to counteract the Liberal Media Narrative.

RTN: So, basically, if someone is talking about sports--or police brutality--you start talking about slavery or Brown?

JWW: Well, sure. I mean, those are facts. Facts are important, right?

RTN: Can you tell us about that flag and hat?

JWW: My southern pride. I've got a rebel soul--and the liberals and the media won't crush it down. No sir. You can see the change happening in this country right now. It's going to keep happening.

RTN: What change, exactly?

JWW: Well, rule by the Christian Values Majority, of course. See, when America was young everyone was basically Christian--which is why the Founding Fathers set things up the way they did. Christians got one vote each. The slave races--they got 3/5ths. That was to even out the population, but the basis of that was because the slaves, they were not natively Christian. They had to be forced into it.

So if you're not a full Christian, you don't get a full vote. You're going to see that now that Voter ID and the Voter Fraud investigation are getting started. Each year at least hundreds of thousands of illegal votes are cast by non-Christians. That's a fact. You can look it up.

RTN: Uh ... women couldn't vote either.

JWW: [ laughs ] That was just good sense. Back then women weren't educated. They weren't out in the workforce, learning to make big decisions.

RTN: Do you think that saying that slaves were worth 3/5ths of a vote might be considered by some to be racist? Or having a flag that says "The South Will Rise Again"?

JWW: See? There you go! Liberal media. I give you some facts--you call me racist. It never fails. Can't have a debate.

RTN: I think I can see why some people would say that though.

JWW: Well, sure you do. Liberals are the real racists--that's so known it even has an acronym LR3--see, people are on to you! All this Cultural Marxism under the diversity movement? It's really clear. You'll see people like Richard Spencer winning elections next year. Lots of it.

RTN: Richard Spencer--you mean the Nazi guy?

JWW: [ laughs ] That's the other big one. You call everyone you don't like a Nazi! See--see how that works? You can't help yourselves!

RTN: [ to camera ] I believe we've answered Jeff's question. Back to you, Max.