Bill Huckander is RealTrueNews' Trump-Supporting writer. His views do not reflect the editorial stance of RealTrueNews but we think they make a pretty good point all by themselves. If you know what we mean.


When Jim Comey was fired, liberals tied themselves into knots trying to blame Trump for obstruction of justice when they, mere months before, had called for his removal! The raw hypocrisy of these people changing their tunes when he went from damaging Clinton's campaign to damaging Trump's is obvious--but what has now happened is even worse.

Rod Rosenstein, an Obama appointee, was clearly a snake lying in wait. After badgering Trump to fire Comey--and even providing a memo explaining why--he then, as soon as Comey was fired, made his move: appointing Trump's friend, Mueller, to investigate Trump. This is the kind of back-stab not seen in politics since the days of Julius Caesar.

The evidence that this was all planned is plain on its face. Trump's team's public statements on the firing of Comey made it clear that it was performance related--but the liberal press got Trump all turned around in his NBC interview and came out with a quote making it sound like Comey's dismissal had something to do with Russia.

If that were the case, yes, it would look bad--but we have to go with what's plainly on the printed page--Rosenstein's argument--rather than what somebody says in the heat of the moment in a badgering interview. Everyone understands this.

Now we see this nefarious plan unfold: Mueller's hit-team is being laden with top Democratic donors. It's the most partisan team put together since Debbie Wasserman-Schlutz conspired to cheat Sanders out of the nomination.

Worse, my sources are telling me that the rifle used in yesterday's Congressional Shooting was an FBI weapon stolen from an FBI van--just the same way that the weapon that was used to kill Seth Rich was. What we are seeing here is an Obama-led Deep-State palace coup being orchestrated by embedded 5th columnist that have infiltrated our Republic's government.

Trump has even been betrayed by his staff (the Priebus-wing, of course) leaking for him not to fire Mueller--trying to use a "press release strategy" to head the president off.

Of course firing Mueller is exactly what must be done. Our president must make it clear that any attempt to investigate him on unproven charges will be met with the full might of the Executive branch. Trump must have Rosenstein arrested for his leadership in this action and then work his way down the DoJ chain of command until he finds someone loyal.

That person will remove Mueller and put in charge an investigator who will look into first The Leaks, second the Rosenstein-Comey-Mueller conspiracy, thirdly Hillary Clinton and Obama, and finally, the reporters who have enabled these schemes. He should dismantle the entire DoJ and rebuild it from scratch if required.

Or, perhaps, not rebuild it at all.