Conservative Author Waits Six Lonely Years For Liberal Shooting

Philip Montgomery III, Ph.D. has waited a long time for a shooting such as this morning's VA park shooting where a man opened fire on Republican Congressional members as they practiced for their baseball game. The shooter, a Sanders-turned-Jill Stein supporter had social media accounts saturated with anger at president Trump, the Republican Congress, and Hillary Clinton.

Dr. Montgomery spoke to RealTrueNews between taking to Twitter to wage social-media war against liberals who he felt had defamed Sarah Palin in the wake of the 2011 Gabby Gifford's shooting.

"They made the rules," Montgomery told us. "These are their rules. We're just making them play by 'em. Isn't that Alinsky? Make the enemy live up to their standard? They smeared Palin--now they have to take responsibility for this--this shooting. It's like Obama pulled the trigger."

Montgomery referenced a flier put out by the Sarah Palin campaign 'targeting' democrats, including Gabby Gifford, in the upcoming election. The faded flyer which Dr. Montgomery said he had ordered off Ebay, has stood framed in his office for more than half a decade while he waited, anxiously, to put the shoe on the other foot.

"It's one of my prized possessions--it shows how the aggression-prone left specifically reads the language and semiotics of political violence into every communication. A crosshairs just means targeting--like selection--but the left has to make it into a lethal threat."

"That's because liberals see everything in terms of lethal threats--they are not willing to discuss things with their enemies: they have to kill them, as we saw today."

When asked what material, precisely, he was referring to, he was astonished. "The severed head picture which was praised by the liberal media roundly for its edginess. Also the Shakespeare play which shows the assassination of Trump. These are the sorts of messages that the left gorges itself on. It's no surprise that it would lead to violence."

Experts noted that the play, in question, reached almost no one--and certainly not the shooter in question and the severed head picture by Kathy Griffin was immediately excoriated by the media on the left and the right with few exceptions (including the loss of jobs by Griffin herself). Palin was never advised to apologize by the Republicans.

However election experts were quick to point out that as a supporter of Sanders--and then Stein, the shooter would have represented one of the further--if not far--left wings of the Democratic party and was likely more influenced by Russian propaganda which strove to create a sense of victimization in the left using conspiracy theory and floods of fake news.

Dr. Montgomery was uninterested in what specific views the gunman may have held. "I've waited six lonely fucking years for this. This guy will now represent EVERY Democrat--EVERY liberal. I don't care if he didn't vote for Hillary--this has been a long time in coming and I. Am. Having. My. Moment."

He then proceeded to block several conservative Twitter accounts that were asking him to tone it down in the wake of a tragedy not even 24 hours old.