Self-Described Real Americans: WHO WILL REPORT THE TRUTH?

People who think of themselves as Real Americans have a problem today--they don't know who out there will tell them the news--the "Real News"--the "True News." We've spoken to some of these stalwart patriots who are certain that the liberal-media-bias, not to mention the ever-present forces of Political Correctness are working to keep the facts away from the populace.

We spoke with several Trump supporters Andrew Corsin and Brad Bradshaw at a rally to stand in unity with England after the most recent Islamist attacks.

RealTrueNews: What do you think is really happening out there? That you're not being told?

Corsin: Well, it's lies. It's all lies. The only place you see the truth these days is behind the supermarket counter--and even then, the Enquirer is covered up at my supermarket. It's censorship. They don't want people to know.

RTN: Know what?

Corsin: That Obama was a Muslim Terrorist who used his power to try to hack the election. That the problem with Flint Michigan is that N--that black people don't pay their water bills. That Obama was going to try to court martial Christian soldiers. Look, I saw that last night on Twitter a Breitbart writer called, correctly, for a new crusade and the libtards made him take it down. Twitter hates free speech. That's not Fake News. No one can say it because they'll get crucified--like Jesus was--and for the same reasons.

RTN: Really? Literally?

Corsin: Literally. Trust me. It's coming.

RTN: How ... do you know this?

Corsin: It's all over the Internet. Infowars. The real media.

RTN: You know InfoWars is a conspiracy website?

Bradshaw: They have a White House Press Pass! You're the conspiracy web-site! You are!

RTN: :: puts face in hands :: Yes. We know.

Bradshaw: Breitbart. InfoWars. Wikileaks. The True Pundit. They're the ones who tell the TRUTH. You can't trust the Alphabet Crowd.

RTN: The--

Bradshaw: ABC. NBC. CNN. NPR. You notice they all have three letters? CBS? There's a reason--it's because--

Corsin: Because they are all the three sides of the pyramid--that's their god. That's what they worship--the Eye of Lies.

RTN: The three sides of the--what? Wait--

Bradshaw: The pyramid--on the dollar. With the EYE. It's the EYE OF LIES. And it has THREE SIDES. Three, Three Times, times TWO is 666. That's the Number of the Revelations--

RTN: Wait--so--I don't--

Corsin: It's the connection with the Secret Second Dollar--the Two Dollar Bill. You know that's not legitimate tender?

RTN: The two-dollar bill isn't legal tender??

Bradshaw: It's "legal tender." It's not legitimate tender. You know people have been arrested for trying to use them? That's NOT Fake News. The Admiralty Courts have to keep the Secret Two away from the people or they'd see the satanic influence of the Federal Reserve--which is who prints the Secret Two--which multiplies by the 3-threes of the EYE of LIES--you can see there are actually two pyramids there. One FLOATING--and--if it got out--

Corsin: They have to make sure people don't KNOW about the Two. You see Obama wanted to print the Three Dollar Bill. That's what Hillary was going to do first thing.

Bradshaw: First thing.

Corsin: Thank God she was stopped.

RTN: Are you here to demonstrate in unity with the lives lost in England last night?

Corsin: They deserved it. Letting that filth into their country.

RTN: Wasn't this gathering supposed to be--

Bradshaw: We're going to kick some Antifa ass. Fuck England. Fuck Islam. AMERICA FIRST! GO GO GO!!

RTN: Bye.

Corsin: Good bye, you godless homosexual press-pervert. Enjoy the rest of your soon to be very short life. We're coming. FUCK ISLAM! GO JESUS!! AMERICA FIRST!!