Sanders Supporters Caught In Agony-of-Irony Over Intercept Leak

Last night Glenn Greenwald's The Intercept dropped an absolute bombshell: lead documents, the site's bread and butter, from the National Security Agency showed that Russia had aggressively and to a degree successfully hacked United States election targets. This report covered what many observers already knew--what had been published publicly both by investigative and intelligence agencies before--as well as other outlets--but to loyal Sanders supporters it came as a horrible shock.

"I had really felt that the whole Russia angle was being cooked up by Democrats to try to defend Hillary Clinton's corrupt and contemptible candidacy," said Katilyn Stone of Boise Idaho. "I was arguing on Twitter just hours before using headlines from The Intercept and tweets from [The Young Turks Reporter] Michael Tracey to take on corporatist capitalist Dems."

"I told them they were red-scaring. That they couldn't refute my calls for evidence--that the entire thing was ridiculous and overblown."

"I was really going--and then this? From The Intercept? I can't even claim it's Fake News." The irony of one of the Sanders-Left's most trusted Russia-Defending, Democrat-critical sources breaking an anti-Russia story for the Democrat's preferred narrative was especially painful.

"We were all hurting." Stone said that she was forced to resort to claiming the NSA had likely lied on one of its own internal memos--or even faked the leak to buttress its anti-Russia argument."

"It was weak--but I--we all--were desperate," Stone said of her Sanders-supporting friends who were all, similarly, caught off-guard. "I feel like Greenwald sold us out. We were kind of counting on him not to break this kind of story. Someone has to stand up the United States Government and the Democrats."

"Unfortunately, from there, it got worse."

She was referring to the reporting that the leaker, 25 year old Reality Winner, was notably an environmentalist and Sanders supporter. Facing up to 10 years in jail as a result of her leaks, Stone scrambled frantically for evidence that the unlikely named Winner was, perhaps, not a real person. Despite her uncomfortably ironic name, the dim hope did not pan out.

"She was totally real. Even with a name like that," said a dispirited Stone. "Apparently she leaked to the Intercept. Probably because of the Paris Accord. And she got caught."

The circumstances of her getting caught were even more painfully mocking. "The Intercept's story showed actual pages from the document--photos--which had evidence of folding." She shook her head.

"I don't know why they did that--but they did. And then we learned that the fucking arrest warrant was created by finding out who had printed the damn document--and that led to her*."

"So, like, The Intercept, which is supposed to be the fucking BEST handler of leaks IN THE WORLD, burned her." She shook her head. "It was the stupidest I've looked on Social Media since I supported Jill Stein and she went to the wrong city to hold her rally due to a travel mix-up."

"It was really almost satirical."

By the end of the night, Stone said she and her friends were forced to speculate that (a) The NSA got it wrong but also (b) they were intentionally lying in the first place and (c) Since the report itself doesn't contain proof--some kind of absolute electronic material that shows, unequivocally that Russians in Russia, working directly for Vladimir Putin did the hacking--that there's still no evidence.

Stone sat and placed her face in her hands. "It was flimsy before. Now it just looks helpless. I feel so betrayed. I really trusted Russia. If they're as bad as the Neo-Liberals say, what else might those fuckers be right about? I don't even want to consider it. I even trusted Trump--I mean, he's an ass--but I thought he'd at least go after Obama Democrats. To take down a fellow Sanders-Sister is just--it's like--it's like EVERYTHING THEY TOLD US WAS TRUE!"

She became quiet. "I hope he wins in 2020," she said, venomously. "I hope he wins and puts all the DEMOCRATS in CAMPS."


* Hat tip to Leah Mcelrath