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My Sources In Law Enforcement Say The Above Photo Is An Actual Image From the Police Body Cameras That Has Been Suppressed. Look At It Closely: What Is the Officer Holding?

You probably know that Seth Rich was killed--probably assassinated--by Hillary's people just as he was about to blow a bombshell hole in the DNC's behind the scenes manipulation of the Democrat primary and, with the help of Obama's "unmasking," the election in general. Here's some facts for doubters:

  1. The same night Seth Rich was killed, mere minutes from where he was shot, an FBI vehicle was robbed and guns were taken--the gun we see in the picture above was one of them. Apparently dropped on the scene, this would mean that whoever "robbed" Seth Rich (nothing was taken) first stole an FBI weapon, shot Seth Rich with it, and then ditched it. Yeah--that sounds like "a robbery gone wrong."

  2. In a new leak from people directly responsible for the case tell me that Seth Rich's pockets were stuffed full of uranium. Anyone who has been following the Clinton-Campaign's Russia-Connections knows that Hillary was involved in dirty dealing to sell America's strategic uranium reserves to the Russians in exchange for donations to the dirty, dirty Clinton Foundation.

  3. That's not just any uranium either. You can see on the plate that it is clearly marked with the Uranium One logo. Google that.

This is about to blow wide open. I hear that DC is in a panic right now that the lawsuits are circling on the gun, the body-cam footage, and now the crime-scene Hazmat cleanup. This will point directly to the criminal enterprise--still at large today--that is Hillary's Democrat Machine.

It's vitally important to spread this news as far and wide as possible--this is probably what Kim Dotcom is sitting on--probably what Hannity is about to reveal--but if it's not, make sure they know--because we have only a limited time before Hillary's dogs go for the throat of our heroic president.