Let's Learn All About The #SethRich Conspiracy!

Conspiracy Theorists employ a kind of "magic trick" to get you to believe their theory. This video looks at the bi-partisan (meaning it appeals to the Left and the Right) conspiracy theory concerning murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich.

It explores how the theory resonates with each audience, how the "magic trick" of convincing people works, and whether there is any truth behind it (there isn't). Enjoy the Exoteric Truth!

The "Magic Trick" is to take lots of random facts--usually gathered on the Internet--and then ask questions that a non-expert may have a hard time answering about them. This process creates a space of "doubt" in the listener ("Why was nothing stolen from Seth Rich?").

The fact is that there are numerous homicides where nothing was taken--and numerous non-assassination-based reasons--but the average civilian doesn't have a lot of experience with that and they start to wonder if maybe something is wrong with the story.

Step 3 is "Enter the conspiracy theory." The subject is prepped with a theory that 'explains' everything (Rich was killed by DNC assassins--they didn't want his stuff!) and when doubt is generated, it "rushes in" to fill the void.

This works better than it ought to--it's exploiting human's weakness for narratives and a wish for things to generally "make sense"--but the idea that "a guy dead with nothing taken" leads to "Hillary / DWS killed the guy for reasons dealing with a complex, murky political motive" is simply not logic.

The video explains how the #SethRich conspiracy theory (distinguished from Seth Rich--the actual guy) services people on both the left (providing emotional vindication for Bernie Sanders supporters) and the right (providing a sliver of hope that Trump wasn't compromised by the Russians).