Conservative Media Claims Top Spot In Trump Era

Bill Huckander is a pro-Trump writer for RealTrueNews. We're probably going to have to give him a author's-bio on the About Page pretty soon. Anyway, we think his content speaks louder for our view point in certain ways than our actual editorial stance.


I asked the RTN Webmaster to go and get some of the stories from right-wing media showing its dominance in the era of Trump. This is inevitable--the country is shifting rightward as America becomes Great Again. Now, make no mistake--the liberal press will not--will not ever--go quietly. They are dedicated to presenting a myth of America filled with imaginary hate-crimes, a criminal president, and hateful Russians. Oh, and good, peaceful Muslims.

How far will they go? Well, the basic part is making up lies about Trump's leaks. It's true that the Intelligence Community is leaking like crazy--but I think mostly it's just journalists making up "anonymous phone calls" and listening to their "cousin Bob" who claims to be CIA or something. Americans really don't know how investigative journalism works and the major outlets take vicious advantage of this.

That's why they're failing!

The good news is that the good people who limit their watching to Fox News and reading Breitbart or Druge Report won't be infected by these desperate #FakeNews lies. As the real journalists like Sean Hannity get close to penetrating the conspiracy of the DNC murder of Seth Rich, everyone in the mainstream press is squirming deliciously. They hate to see an actual 4th estate hero like Hannity do their jobs better than they (claim) to do them!

So now, as the MSM is bleeding advertisers due to their vile lying practices and targeted smear campaigns (such as the cowardly, lie-infested jihad against Richard Spencer for being a patriotic American voice), the left has tried their own Shame-cotts against advertisers on Breitbart, Hannity, and Bill O'Rilely. These are doomed to failure as the public will never stand for the snowflake's cry-bully tactics.

And let's also not forget the real heroes out there--forced into anonymous hiding on various message boards because if today's "free press" had their way, anyone not towing the party-line would be jailed, fired, or even deported. We should be glad and proud of today's valiant rightwing media for fighting to give these silenced victims a voice!

So be proud this Memorial Day that the Right Wing Media is telling the truths that the Mainstream Media Won't!


Web Master's Note: The Breitbart article has the actual graph of media share turned upside down. Their traffic is cratering--maybe because Russia turned the bots off? Also, in case that ad they're showing is too small:

Not sure who is left (other than Amazon) after the Sleeping Giant's campaign . . .