Gianforte Doubles Down: Jacobs Had It Coming

A quickly modified web-site for Montana GOP hopeful Greg Gianforte shows the Republican candidate's face super-imposed over an MMA fighter with a press-pass reading Ben Jacobs and a pair of glasses flying. The image, referring to an assault on Guardian reporter Jacobs yesterday was a response to snap polling that showed Trump's base enthusiastic about the idea of violence against the 4th Estate, Gianforte's campaign said.

"After asking Comey to lock them up, a lot of conservatives are frustrated with the press running around asking 'gotcha' questions--like about the CBO score on the AHCA," said Ruth McCalister, Giafornte campaign spokesperson.

"We're in a period of violent change and we think we can motivate our voters with that violence. They see pushback to law-and-order from Black Lives Matter. They saw Obama run roughshod over the constitution. They're told they have to apologize for being white--it's time to hit something. There's no target better than the liberal lugenpresse," she said, using the German word for 'lying press.'

Indeed, on the day of the election, voters we talked to were enthused. " Everyone is somebody's Nazi," said Erwin Banks of Montana. "I mean, almost all my friends belong to various Free-Men Anti-Tax, White Pride, or America-First groups--and the left calls us Nazis. Is it okay to punch all of us?"

Others agreed--the punching of literal Nazi Richard Spencer did receive some degree of tacit support in the press and many Gianforte voters felt that the sentiment that it was "Okay to punch a Nazi" could disturbingly apply to others who wanted a separatist white nation state, blood-line purity for the Caucasian race, or the forcible removal of blacks, Hispanics, and Jews from their neighborhoods.

"It was a really broad brush to paint us with," said Banks. a self-identified white nationalist and eugenicist-promoting student of Human Bio-Diversity. "If it's okay to punch anyone you think is a Nazi, well then, it's okay to punch a reporter. I mean--Ben Jacobs--I don't know about you--but that sounds Jewish to me."

With the punching incident circulating widely and reporter Jacobs in the hospital for X-rays, the Gianforte campaign felt very optimistic about today's vote and the future of the white race--and their children.