BLOCKBUSTER: Huma Abedin -- Hillary's Hit-Woman

Bill Huckander is a Guest Poster who represents the Pro-Trump perspective on RealTrueNews. We can't vouch for anything he says--but we believe it's important to hear both sides of the story.


In case you were wondering why the Mainstream Media is pumping out one Trump-Russia story a day, relentlessly at about 5:30, I've got something to show you--and, to be frank, it's something you should've seen coming all along. Since most people who still watch the Mainstream Media have been trained not to draw logical connections, I'll explain in detail.

1. Who Killed Seth Rich? Now We Know: Huma Abedin

Observers have long known that Hillary and Huma Abedin have been involved in a steamy, just-under-the-surface sapphic affair. Now we know how deep this goes. So do the Russians. Sean Hannity, a relentless investigative journalist with courage that comes from another age, is about to break it. The Media Masters know this--and they're doing everything in their power to stop it. That includes making up stories with the all purpose "anonymous sources" and trying to shut down any avenue that could get the truth out.

Who killed Seth Rich? Huma Abedin. She has been trained since childhood as a seductress-assassin. Probably this was done to get close to frigid Ice-Queen Hillary--but by now she's been corrupted by the Clinton's aura-of-sin and has become Hillary's succubus and killer. She killed Seth Rich--and now Anthony Weiner has a plea-deal that's going to break it all open like fetid rotten omelet!

2. How Do We Know? The Sealed Plea-Deal!

Weiner was cat-fished by a 15 year old girl with mental issues--once the wheels of justice under an Attorney General who wouldn't bend the law to let him walk got hold of him, it was a matter of time until he flipped. Now he has. Sources I work with have seen the secret plea-deal that will keep him out of prison--he's agreed to give with the receipts on the assassination of Seth Rich as a message to all Bernie Sanders-supporting DNC members who might even think of turning on Emperess Hillary.

The bullet Rich was shot in the back with was laced with 1,569,300 Scoville Heat Units (SHU) Carolina Reaper Pepper extract to cause extreme suffering and anaphylactic shock before death.

3. The 'Divorce'--A Green-Light on Weiner

Anthony Weiner is in grave danger. Huma, under close observation, has sent what my sources describe as the go-ahead signal to take him out: a divorce filing. Weiner, of course, knows this too--look for him to be moved to a highly secure location in the immediate future.

4. The Media Black-Out

When the Clintons move, one of the tell-tales is the media black-out they bring with them like a shadow covering the sky. In this case, it's the suspicious death of Roger Alies--a source of the "balls" Fox News used to have--and a beginning purge for imaginary sexual harassment. Only Hannity--and maybe Tucker Carlson--have the guts to keep this story going.

Of course someone in the DNC got to the Seth Rich Private investigator (note that the family isn't speaking for itself, but rather the DNC has taken overall their communications. I hope they're okay). There have been other shutdowns as well.

On Reddit, The Donald has been forced to Go Dark with the Saturday-Night-Massacre of Reddit suspending their mods for made-up rule infractions:

Right now only the Russians--the Russian Embassy, no less, is able to keep the story going--along with Hannity and a few other rogue, renegade voices.

You should treat this story with dangerous respect: more people are going to die for the 'crime' of getting in Clinton's way. Heads will roll in major outlets metaphorically--and on the streets, literally. The phony scandals about Trump will be used to try to muddy the waters. Don't fall for it--if it has an "anonymous source" it's fiction--as always. Also, should you run into Huma Abedin in real life? Treat her as armed and extremely dangerous. Keep watching Hannity, RT (Russia Today), and maybe OAN or something similar. Whatever you do, don't turn on CNN or MSNBC--they're flooded with subliminal that will attack your critical-thinking neurons and cause cancerous tumors in your brain.