Anti-Anti-Trump Political Analysts Explains The Position

In the battles between the anti-Trump and the so-called anti-anti-Trump (voices who are against the #resistance, theoretically without being pro-Trump) none has been louder than Marty McChadwick for the National Institute of International Studies. McChadwick feels that the issue with the anti-Trump voices is that they tend towards hysteria, left-wing dogma, and an attempt to smear the traditional GOP establishment without cause or logic. We managed to have a short conversation with Mr. McChadwick after our IT department compromised ANC's telephone switchboard, putting him in contact with us instead of the actual host.

RealTrueNews: "Let's cut to the chase here, Marty, you find that voices decrying Trump are--to maybe use his words--more of a Witch Hunt? That looking into the Russian compromise of the 2016 election is the same as looking for pacts with the devil?"

Marty McChadwick: "That would be taking 'Witch Hunt' literally--I expect Mr. Trump just asks to be taken seriously."

RTN: "Which is to say, this entire investigation is without grounds?"

MMC: "Yes. Well, there's no evidence of collusion, is there? None I've seen. And yet the [ inaudible ] press has already convicted him. You see, this is the liberal approach that gave us Trump in the first place."

RTN: "So the intelligence community, the FBI, and the Senate--not to mention the House's investigative works--these are all liberal? Run by the press? Can you elaborate on that?"

MMC: "Certainly. The establishment doesn't like Mr. Trump, the NSC, for example, are all Obama hold-overs. If you look at the big picture here, this is just an attempt to overturn a legitimate election because some small portion of the country didn't like the outcome."

RTN: "So we have these two shadow-players: the left-wing press and the establishment, yes? Running the FBI, CIA, as well as influencing the House and Senate--and controlling America's media?"

MMC: "Yes--and they're coordinated through an organized series of leaks. Have you noticed how every day a new scandal comes out at almost exactly 5:30 PM? That's not coincidental. How the New York Times and the Washington Post are always in lockstep reporting the same stories? How they synch on word choices? You see--this is why people should be very distrustful of the anti-Trump voices and sources. It's clear to anyone watching that this is all agenda driven."

RTN: "So it's really a kind of big conspiracy with multiple ideologically separate actors being orchestrated by a single vision behind the scenes?"

MMC: "Any legitimate observer would see that."

RTN: "I see. And what about the liberal-dogma part. What about allegations that Trump's message is directed at racists--with slogans like America First, the placement of Bannon and Miller, and symbolic policies like The Wall?"

MMC: "Oh, hogwash. You can look at the numbers and see more blacks voted for Trump than Romney. If Trump was so racist that would be physically impossible."

RTN: "And the renewed groundswell of support among White Nationalists? The KKK and Storm Front endorsements? The White Power victory marches? All of that?"

MMC: "You saw the Women's March?"

RTN: "Yes . . ."

MMC: "That's a gender-war assault on Men's Rights with millions of vagina-hatted culture warriors rioting on the Capitol Lawn. You're complaining about some Klansmen? See--this is why nobody trusts the media."

RTN: "You describe it as a riot--I don't think--"

MMC: "Not just me--Sheriff Clarke did--in multiple tweets. He's going to be a secretary of DHS now. He's fully credible!"

RTN: "So, let me get this all straight: You're 'anti-Trump'--"

MMC: "I am!"

RTN: "But you find there's a vast left-wing conspiracy of the entire government, Intelligence Community, Congress, and the press organized against him, the self-described racists and racialists both around the country and in his administration, are meaningless--but the peaceful women's protest march is a greater concern?"

MMC: "Exactly!"

RTN: "What--uh--what do you disagree with Trump on?"

MMC: "I try not to talk about that. It helps the anti-Trump movement."

RTN: "Can you give us one thing?"

MMC: "I'd really like for him to release those Apprentice tapes. I've heard he flings the N-Word around like crazy and I think that if we could get the president on the record as using the forbidden word, we could really bring it back."

RTN: "You want to ... you want to 'bring back' the N-Word?"

MMC: "Well, of course not--I mean, it's hateful--but I'm a HUGE defender of free speech, you see. First Amendment all the way. So while I disagree with the word, you see--I think steps to get it in wider usage should be encouraged. Differing views and all that, right?"

RTN: "I'm speechless."

MMC: "See? When confronted with a point of view you don't like? You're just full of hate! AMERICA FIRST!"

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