Would Anything Change Trump-Voter's Minds?

The press's infinite speculation on how Trump supporters see his evolving presidency is a kind of irrational obsession on the part of journalists. The theory is that because journalists don't like Trump, eventually the Trump-voters themselves will come around. Just so we're clear, we at RealTrueNews know this is a fantasy: Trump is exactly what most of his voters want. Yes, that's with the Russians (a distraction), not-releasing his tax returns (who cares?), his conflicts of interest (he's so rich, he won't be cheating us!), his tweets (he tells it like it is), his lies (My Inauguration crowd was bigger!)--everything.

Knowing that answers some of the common questions: (1) Would anything change their minds? (2) Why do they feel this way? Fortunately, RealTrueNews can tell you!

1. Would Anything Change Trump-Supporter's Minds?

Consider that in 2012 Republicans cheered Mitt Romney saying Russia was our greatest political foe. Since 2015, Republican support for Vladimir Putin has climbed from 12% to 32%! That's a huge increase. (for Democrats it fell by 5pts from 15% to 10%). Although we don't have a validated questions list, we think at least 4pts of that increase is due to "Putin kills reporters who say bad things about him."

Russia has only gotten more aggressive and hostile to the US. Why the improvement?

The reason is that Republicans find Trump's actions to be good based on how much they upset Democrats. For example, rolling back provisions to stop dumping waste in streams isn't top on most worker's agendas--but with the fig-leaf of bringing back coal-mining, they are pleased that it upsets liberals. The same with the pipelines, and so on.

In fact, polling shows Republicans grossly out of step with Independents and Democrats. Where Independents are cool to Trump and Democrats are furious, Republicans, by 85% love here, Here's a sample answer distribution:

The only thing that would theoretically change their minds is if he does something that directly impacts them and seems to do so worse than it impacts minorities. If that happens, they'll blame Ryan though.

2. Why Do They Feel This Way?

Obama. Following Obama's victory in 2008 and again in 2012, Republicans--majority white, and older--felt silenced, diminished, and minimized. They were left"voiceless" and demoralized. The GOP base wanted a culture warrior who would fight at all costs. Trump, willing to say things other candidates were not--and more than happy to stick a thumb in the eye of the press, minorities, and other countries, was that warrior. This is why he over-took even fairly committed cultural warriors like Ted Cruz.

Trump was installed to wage war on liberals whom, the GOP base feels, has tried to steal America and give her away to illegal immigrants, terrorist-Muslim refugees, and black people for whom an imaginary social services network exists.

That war will continue so long as the last elitist or liberal exists.