GUEST POST: Trump's FBI Genius

The following is post by Guest Author and Trump Supporter Bill Huckander.


You may have noticed that as hard as they try, neither the press nor the Democrats nor the RINO Republicans in Congress can keep up with the president when it comes to political maneuvering. He's always thinking three moves ahead. He's playing 3D Chess while they're playing Tic Tac Toe. People who really understand strategy are breathtaken by the president--while the talking heads on TV are helplessly lost in the reeds.

Take for example, the AHCA. Most people thought the initial failure was due to the president being unable to get the bill through the house--but people who understand the deeper games of politics knew that Trump was setting up a "loss" so that he would have an even higher-profile victory when it did pass. You saw how people were stunned when it happened? That was set up right from the start.

Same with the wall. Trump opens heavy--but makes an artful compromise to get money for beefed up border defense in March--and then he drops the hammer on the Democrats in November, forcing them into a corner with their own 'Government Shutdown.' You can't Chump-The-Trump and he doesn't bluff: Watch what happens! But don't blink--or you'll miss it.

Thus, I could only shake my head when I saw people--Republicans, even--complaining about the firing of James Comey, the thankfully former FBI director. How these people can have a job in politics at all baffles me (actually, it doesn't--it's that the Special Interest groups need stooges to carry out their agendas--but that's another post). To understand what's going on, you have take a hard look at a few simple truths.

1. The Trump-Russia Story is #FakeNews

A lot of people still have trouble with this one. Firstly, there's zero evidence outside or opposition-Obama-people in various other departments that Russia did anything. The election numbers are best explained by the three million illegal alien votes. Nothing more (that also explains his "low approval ratings" in polls of "all Americans"--they're hitting the vast numbers of illegals who, of course, give Trump low numbers. Try polling legitimate voters and Trump's approvals are at 85%+).

But journalism has never been the strong suit of the Mainstream Media so they keep harping on the lie that Trump-something-something-Russia-Putin-Something-My-Election! This sells a lot Rachel-Maddow edition Gold Coins--but there's not facts there. Still, it's BIG STORY.

I mean, you keep hearing about it, right?

2. Comey: In The Tank For Clinton

Remember when Comey admitted on national television that he felt "mildly nauseous" about having given the greatest president since Washington the victory? Would a patriot say that? Of course not. Trump has known that Comey was always pulling for Clinton (heck, he let her go after basically sayin' she was guilty as sin!).

Oh, but the letter you say--yeah: see, that letter was sent to Chaffetz marked confidential--and Chaffetz removed the markings and gave it to the press.Now, Chaffetz is a patriot and sometimes patriots have to bend a few rules when handling material like this--but otherwise Comey planned to keep the Weiner blockbuster on ice. So Trump knows Comey is going to do whatever he can for Clinton.

The guy is clearly two faced, anyway--he'll say in private, three times--that Trump isn't under investigation--but he won't say it on the record? Weasel!

3. Winning The News Cycle: Fire Comey To Distract From Russia

So Trump knows that this #FakeNews is what the Mainstream Media wants to push--and that Comey will do everything in his power to help them push it--so he wants, of course, to change the narrative. How does he do that? He fires Comey--this distracts everyone from the Trump-Russia discussion. Go look at Google News or something.

You see too many headlines about Russia? Nope. It's all Comey-Comey-Comey. Trump knows how to make a big splash and boy did he give a master's class on it to the chumps in the press office.

Trump also knows that big, bold moves show you who can hang and who's just a hanger-on: Sean Spicer hiding in the bushes? I never liked that guy! Trump just makes a hard right turn and all the posers go spinning off the tracks!

Trump is also brilliant because he knows that the Democrats have dug their own grave attacking Comey so they're unable to do or say anything.


Now it's your turn--go ahead and say it: Since I've opened your eyes, who knew politics could be so complicated??