Reluctant Trump Voter Just Really Glad Trump's Termination Letter Pointed Out He Wasn't Unde

Educated, reluctant Trump-Voter Dan Hilston responded with sudden emotional dismay when he learned that Trump, following Sally Yate's testimony to congress and summarily fired FBI Director James Comey, ostensibly for being too hard on Hillary Clinton. Hilston, who had expressed doubts about Trump--and remorse about his vote--seized on he second paragraph of the president's letter to assuage his fears and stave off any self-recrimination.

"Look," Hilston, said, "It's right there--with Trump signing his name and everything--the presidential seal--Comey told him three times he wasn't under investigation! This can't be related to Russian active ops or anything like that."

Hilston pointed out that despite leading chants of "Lock Her Up" and claiming that Comey had been to easy on Clinton less than a week ago, the letter from AG Jeff Sessions made it clear that Comey's termination was due to his misstatements about the Clinton-Weiner email scandal that might have cost her the election.

"That letter could have been written by the Clinton campaign," Hilston said, haltingly, as he struggled with internal justifications. "So this must mean--yes! It must mean that Sessions is totally a man of principal and Trump, dedicated to hiring the best and listening to his advisers, is just taking the advice of a seasoned, level-headed statesman."

His voice picked up speed and excitement as he saw a potential window of self-respect. "I'm sure whoever they pick--whether it's Law-and-Order man Sheriff Clarke or some other person who is completely qualified for the job--they'll complete the Russia investigation with the same zeal and vigor that Comey would. Trump loves America--he wouldn't pick a partisan hack."

Hilston then appeared to run out of steam. "This isn't a coup," he told himself. "I didn't elected a compromised moron to the White House--I didn't. I didn't!"

By the end of his mantra, he almost believed it.