Marine Le Pen Changes Name of Party to 'National Socialists'

On the heels of a powerful defeat in the French election, Putin-Endorsed nationalist candidate Marine Le Penn announced she would be changing the name of the party from "National Front" To "National Socialists."

"It's time to really get back to our roots," Marine Le Pen told her audience. "To be explicit about who we are, what we believe, and who our friends are. We have seen the energy within the so-called Bernie Sanders movement for national socialism--and we know our history as well."

She declared that the National Socialists Party would come into power soon "With a 'great fire'" and that, for the enemies of France there would be a "dark night of the 'broken glass.'" Unveiling the new party flag, which she called "perfectly clear--but still somewhat defensible in a pinch," she announced that the party icon would be a 'fancy bear.'

"Just in case anyone is still unaware of what we stand for," she said, "we want to make it clear this time that we are an international movement that began with Brexit, followed up with Trump, and will end in Fire!"

Sources inside the group previously known as the National Front, said that their polling data showed that the Russian-orchestrated Wikipedia leaks backfired when young French people discovered that the candidate initialed MLP did not stand for "My Little Pony," which they had been voting for in telephone polling. "We shouldn't have done the Russia hack," said Singe à Labandon de Fromage, Pen's head of cyber-war. "I mean, Putin pulled it off--but I knew it was a bad idea. No one wants to go down the way Trump and America did. Viva La France!"