Axios Internet News Site Plans To Get Coverage Down to ONE WORD

Veteran reporter Mike Allen has a plan to transform the way we receive news. The name Axios, Greek for "worthy," is the name of the service that is dedicated to quality, elegance, and brevity. The attempt is to give you straight news, with a clean user interface, that has no bullshit or bias, in as short a form as feasible. Axios, Allan says, will have no over-long boring articles.

RealTrueNews is a big fan--Allen's team has the contacts and the access. Their reporting is crisp and clear, and it usually leaves you wanting a bit more (which is better than serving up too much). Today, however, RealTrueNews has learned of a secret "Phase II," still in roll-out to shrink quality news reporting down to one word.

Above is the prototype page showing how a meaningful story can be condensed to the smallest possible axiom and delivered in a kind of 'blipvert' of news straight into the brain.

Says Mike Allen: "We were trying for a single character--but that had issues--what about vowels? Can we have a Q without a 'u'? It was a bridge too far--but now we think we're on to something: look at this example." The 'before' is up currently on the link. The 'after' is shown above.

"Spicey's Monday Briefing? All gonna be about . . ." he waits for a response--"Mike Flynn! See? Our current page gives you 35 words--but with the new system, we can do it in one. Check out the Flywheel CEO video. She spends one minute and twenty eight seconds talking about how the everybody-gets-a-trophy mindset today is hurting our next generation. We encapsulate that in one word: 'Pussies.' See? Everyone knows instantly what she's going to tell you--if not in that exact word."

"Harvard is going big with 2.58 billion in endowment shopping? You may not know what a standard ivy league endowment is like--but that one word 'Wow!' says it all right there!"

"Sometimes it's harder though--what do you takeaway from Trump hiring Mike Flynn when he was explicitly warned by Obama? It could be a lot of things--and we hate to editorialize--but we think 'STUPID!,' especially in ALL CAPS with the exclamation mark does get the main point across. Yes, it's just as STUPID! as the headline sounds like it is.

He showed us another story that had gone through the process.

"This story," Allen explained, "live? It's Four hundred and eight words! After our process? Two! You can read that one on your phone, while driving! Not that we advise that, actually--very dangerous. Forget I said that. But you could read the whole thing at the same time you were getting dumped trying to pick up a movie star--it's that fast, that efficient. This is really gonna change news."

He paused. "We're doing experiments with taking out the vowels and seeing if people can still processes it--but we're not sure what the real advantage there is!"