Amazon Teams Up With Breitbart

Actual Screen Shot of the Pre-Release Shopping Experience

You have probably heard of Breitbart--the self-declared "platform of the Alt-Right" headed by Trump Chief Strategist Stephen Bannon. What you may not have heard of is the group "Sleeping Giants". The Sleeping Giants are a group that has run a "boycott" campaign against Breitbart--which they see as a propagator of hatred, racism, and Donald Trump (probably).

Their technique has been to take screen shots of advertiser's ads on Bretibart next to some story like:

Or, perhaps:

And then politely tweets to the company that their ads are playing here, with the picture. Breitbart is no stranger to boycotts--having launched one of its own against Kellogg for some reason (yes, the cereal guys . . . no, we don't know either and haven't been arsed to check it out. Yes: it is weird--whatever) but we presume they were unimpressed with the anonymous Sleeping Giants . . . when they started.

What they did Nazi coming* was that whether because most social media managers (who see the Tweets first) are women--or perhaps because most brand owners are not racists--the technique is very effective. In fact, many, perhaps most major brands have pulled their ads off of Breitbart (many do not even know they are advertising there in the first place).

However, there's a single "white whale"--Amazon--that refuses, despite employee concern, public petition, and the fact that while Jeff Bezos would love to have a slave race to work, eternally, in his warehouse mines, he doesn't actually want a race war (bad for business), Amazon has yet to pull their ads.

We at RTN presumed that this was because with Breitbart literally on the executive staff of the white house, Bezos knows he has to kiss Trump's ass or suffer very, very personal presidential Butt Hurt (also very bad for business)--but we were shocked to learn it was actually a deeper game.

The Breitbart-Amazon Alliance: From Aryan To ZOG

Gaining admittance to high-level board of directors demo, we were able to get a screen shot of the provisional landing page for Breitbart readers. This is specially tooled for their particular needs and wants. We hesitate to take an editorial stance, of course--but we will let some specifics speak for themselves:

The NEW Logo:

Book Recommendations: including a novelization of the Fight Club Movie since (a) it was somewhat simpler than the book and (B) a quoted reader, marked as "4 Chan" said he(?) heard the author was gay.

Dash-Buttons to re-order Blue-Lives-Matter stickers, Pork Infused ammunition, and something called "Racist Cider"


* Web-Master here: Max claims this was just a typo--but he will not allow me to edit it. I'm sorry, folks. (He didn't, however, explicitly prevent me from adding a footnote.)