Trump Voter Starting To Feel Like That Nigerian-Prince Thing All Over Again

Martha Hamford (CT) knew what she wanted in a president: She wanted Obamacare repealed--all of it--a strong, tall wall built on the border of Mexico, and Planned Parenthood removed from the government payrolls. She had been drifting away from the Republican party ever since they nominated McCain over Michele Bachmann--and Mitt Romney in 2012.

She felt she had finally found her candidate in Donald Trump.

"He's a man who tells it like it is. He's polished, honest, and strong," Martha Hamford said at a focus group. "He doesn't mince words about the illegals. He knows how to build things--including walls--and wants what's best for Americans--including the unborn."

That was in January when she held a party for Trump's inauguration. Her expectations were high--in 30 days she'd never have to hear about ISIS again--or Obamacare--or, hopefully, Hillary Clinton (other than, perhaps, her sentencing). Instead, 100 days in, Hamford feels the entire thing has a familiar feel to it.

"I feel like I'm a good judge of people," Hamford said. "I can tell who to trust--who's telling the truth--and who's a snake. When I got in contact with Mr. Nobagou (a contact in Nigeria who was looking for American assistance in moving several million dollars out of the country) I felt a connection with him."

According to Hamford, she had provided 'Nobagou' with financial assistance to move the money--a task which was far more expensive and difficult than either she or 'Nobagou' had foreseen."

"The money is still tied up," she told RealTrueNews. "The government there is so corrupt--at every turn they do something else illegal to block us. But, you see, since it is the government, we can't sue them--they control the courts, the law, everything."

She felt the same way about Mr. Trump. "He's being blocked," she said. "You hear about all these wins for 'his team'--but it turns out it's not 'his team.' All these snakes--these scorpions--in Congress, on the courts, everywhere--they're all working to stop president Trump from coming through for us. But just you see," she said. "He'll defund Planned Parenthood. He's gonna build a beautiful wall. Obamacare will be gone--and the niggers who depend on it? Crying. You'll see. It's going to happen. Maybe not now--but in September? Next year? After we get some of these RINOS out of congress and probably a new speaker--and another justice on the court."

She had words for her fellow Trump Supporters: "You have to have faith," she said. "You know Trump is a man of his word. You can feel it--so you have to do your part so we can all win."

She then explained she had to leave to the local Western Union to send Mr. 'Nobagou' the last of her savings to overcome the last hurdle to the release of the millions of dollars in funding that would make her golden years rich.