What you see above is an exclusive view of the web-site for Sean Hannity's new venture Only News American News Network. His plans, still in motion, to exit Fox News and start a new, even more conservative cable and Internet News Network with Tomi Lahren, Roger Ailes, Bill Shine, and Richard Spencer.

"There has been a hunger for this," Hannity told a group at a closed door meeting. "Fox went left. Breitbart chickened out on Milo and Bannon went soft on Jared. There needs to be accountability. There has to be truth. Not one American news outlet praises President Trump the same amount as Russia Today praises Vladimir Putin. Fellow citizens? Patriots? We have a 'News Gap.'"

The reporting (see above) will be handled with a mix of reporters and "News Stylists." This new job, a position created to craft "news stories" that "patriots want to hear" is central to Hannity's ONANN service.

"This kind of Oannianism," Hannity said, coining the term, "will elevate the 'science' of Journalism to the 21st century. Right now American mass-media is failing to report on facts such as the President's Inauguration crowd size, the Obama administration's illegal wiretapping of the president for political reasons, and the Clinton murders. This has to stop--and our Oanninst will bring the news the people need--in fact deserve--to hear."

Other personalities asked about the venture expressed some concerns. "It sounds like a well-funded fake-news outlet," said David Weigel of the Washington Post. "I thought we already had Breitbart."

Stephen Bannon, the president's chief strategist said that "Hannity has been a solid warrior for the president--it would be a shame to see him go down for the various pedophilia scandals we all know Mike Cernovich has the goods on."

Still, investors were eager to get in on the ground floor. One media specialist at the presentation noted that "Hannity's followers will believe literally anything he or the president tells them. This is a fantastic money-making opportunity we haven't seen since the 2010 Tea Party election."