Ann Coulter Declares Paid-Speech Is Dead

Ann Coulter, conservative provocateur, author, and speaker pulled out of her planned Berkeley speech stating "I have no sponsor, no lawyer, no court order. I can't vindicate constitutional rights on my own. I was just supposed to give the speech."

She was referring to various sponsors retracting their support and removing her speaking fees. Coulter, who had been energized at the idea of front-page grabbing headlines in the event of a left-wing riot, was disappointed. "This would have been a real spotlight moment," she said. "The riot would have elevated my ratings, booked me on morning shows, and gotten me published in numerous liberal papers."

Defenders of the paid speech were also upset: "This showdown would have given us great ammunition in the fight to cast the campus-left as the driving force behind the Democrats. While that's not the case for obvious reasons, it would have given us a broad-brush to paint whoever the opposition party runs in 2020. We wish Coulter had been willing to speak without her fees."

Alt-right gay icon Milo Yiannopoulous, smarting from loss of a book deal and income after endorsing pedophilia as Conservatives had always charged that gays did, announced that he would be willing to speak without fees later in the year.