Trump Supporter Starting To Get Disturbed By "All The Nazis"

Daniel Prescott of Indiana has begun to see a pattern. At first he didn't believe it--but as he looked closer and closer, he became more and more disturbed. Today, although shunned by family and friends, he believes he has made a breakthrough: "The Trump administration seems to be stuffed full of Nazis," he told RealTrueNews. "I can't believe I'm saying it--I went to rallies. I worked the phones for him. Hell, I'd have voted for him twice if that weren't a liberal thing--but now ... now I'm seeing these connections and it's really worrying me. I've sent emails and letters to the papers but they're ignoring it."

Prescott's web of connections depict the Nazi swastika, the Ku Klux Klan, and the alt-right. He says that he, an avid Breitbart reader, was at first perfectly fine with stories depicting the Confederate Battle flag as part of the glorious history of the United States.

"It made liberals mad--triggered them, I guess you'd say--and I was perfectly fine with that--but when I started getting into the alt-right . . ."

Prescott's readings took him to other message boards such as 4chan, Radix Journal, and VDare. "I saw these things that I kind of agreed with--I mean--some of it--but it just started--it started to look like Klan stuff. Or maybe worse."

Prescott begin to have a sinking feeling when he read about Trump booster Richard Spencer, a leader of Bannon's "Alt Right" hold a meeting with literal Nazi salutes. "Who is he speaking to? I asked. Who thinks that's okay??" He said he dismissed Spencer as a lunatic fringe of the alt right until he learned that Spencer had created the term and collaborated with Stephen Miller, another strategist in the Trump cabinet."

"I was like: the coincidences are starting to add up here." he said, becoming very uncomfortable. "Mostly? Guys like me--we don't read about history in a racist context--it's just not done--but I got worried and started looking."

What he found chilled him. "Trump's slogan? America First? That was a slogan in the 20's of these Nazi sympathizers," he said. "Now I say maybe it's just coincidence, you know--but man. It's another coincidence. When I saw Gorka's medals . . ." He referred to Breitbart alumnus and Trump-counter terror adviser Gorka who wears the Order of the Vietz medals. "I've got a picture of Hitler literally riding in a car with the guy," he said. "And he's wearing that medal--out in public? I'm like: who is he reaching out to there? I served in the Army and I don't wear my medals out with a suit. That's some . . . symbolic shit. He claims he was kind of a member but 'never took the oath'? What the fuck does that mean? Is that like I-was-a-Nazi--but did not inhale?"

He discovered, after extensive research, that existing white nationalist groups were not just accepting of Trump--but actually felt that he had given them new power in the government.

"I'm reading these message boards with the Celtic Crosses and Swastikas, and I'm seeing these guys loving Gorka, Miller, Bannon--and Trump--especially Trump. You know one of the first things Trump did was re-align terror priorities to focus on Islam and take White Nationalism off the list? I mean: Islam is definitely a terrorist religion--but . . . I thought the Nazis were too. Now I see that they love him and he's doing--kind of doing--stuff for them."

"There was other symbolism too--he'd re-tweeted white supremacists. That could be a mistake. But his campaign meme had Nazi soldiers in it? Okay--could be a mistake. The uniforms were hard to make out. But . . ." he wiped at his brow. "You know it just keeps happening. I'm like once is a coincidence. Twice is happenstance--but three times? That's enemy action--and now we're up to like five or six or more??"

Prescott reached out to his friends who derided him as a liberal. He tried posting his findings on pro-Trump message boards. "No one wants to hear it--they won't even look," he said. "It's like they're all asleep. It's scary."

He eventually tried reaching out to the Mainstream Media. "I don't watch no CNN--no MSNBC," Prescott said. "But after Fox News ignored him, he got desperate to get the word out."

The reaction, he said, was devastating.

"The guy I get on the phone--he doesn't understand--I keep explaining my findings to him and he's just going 'Yeah--we've been reporting on this for months--what's the story here?" What kind of sense does that make?" Prescott asked, near tears. "I didn't understand that at all. What story? That we've been infiltrated by Nazis--white supremacists--that these Alt-Right guys are actually anti-semitic racists--How can that NOT be a story? I tell you--I was right about the Mainstream Media: they're hopeless."

He asked that RealTrueNews publish his image file of the various Nazi/KKK/Alt-Right connections which he claims, if verified, would blow the doors off the administration.