Dramatic 11th Episode of The Worst Wing Promises to Change Everything

Struggling with its first season, The Worst Wing veers between comedy and political drama in a way that most watchers feel strains believably. Its continued success rests on the strong performances by Baldwin as the President Trump and a heavily made-up Mel Gibson as the racist, anti-Semetic Stephen Bannon.

While wildly popular in the 'Duck Dynasty' demographic, the show--pitched as a West Wing for the Right--has failed to attract upper-scale audiences. Despite a popular female lead in the Ivanka character, viewers felt that her portrayal was overly stereotypical and veered into the "princess Ivanka" territory where bloodlines and nepotism are more important in policy than credentials.

The upcoming dramatic 11th episode is what many viewers feel to be a last-ditch effort to improve ratings. In it, the administration, smarting off "unforced errors" on Health Care, Tax Reform, and a military Show of Strength with North Korea, put together a bi-partisan, bicameral plan to pass a budget that will keep the government operational.

Unfortunately, his ego bruised media reports that he has accomplished nothing, President Trump makes a flurry of last-minute demands about his border-wall that bring the government to the brink. Will the intrepid amateurs of the Worst Wing figure out a way around the president's and their voting base's unreasonable and unrealistic demands? Or will the government of the most powerful nation on earth come to a grinding halt?

Tune in next week, for episode 11 of The Worst Wing.