White House Rocked By Alex Jones Lawsuit. Prez: Is It Like . . . Pro-Wrestling??

Insiders say the Alex Jones custody-lawsuit has rocked the White House's West Wing. According to sources, President Trump, already embattled as his 100-day mark nears, was especially disturbed by Jones' defense that despite the conspiracy theories he espouses on his program, he is a fit parent. The legal defense is that Jones is a "Performance Artist."

While multiple observers have noted that Jones' program over the years has contained multiple, sometimes contradictory, and outlandish claims, the president has found himself shocked and troubled by the defense, having relied on Jones for what he called "The real story."

A source close to the president told RealTrueNews that the West Wing was in a turmoil trying to prevent Mr. Trump from becoming obsessed with the case. "He's going around asking multiple senior staffers if the lawsuit is just a 'false flag,' a disinformation-campaign, or the result of a media-orchestrated pay-off of Jones' ex-wife Kelly."

"He's asking the Justice Department to review the case and watch closely for signs of 'anything hinkey.' We don't have the manpower for this," the source admitted.

Aides confirmed that the president was shaken by the allegations of Jones' own legal-team and said that Oval Office was trying to decide whether to throw resources behind trying to "pierce the veil of lies" or reach the conclusion that Jones had been like "Pro-Wrestling" which, they said, had fooled the president in his youth into believing that at least some of the matches were "for real."

"He's very disturbed. Very shaken. He considered Jones one of the few voices he could trust and now this defense is throwing his world-view into a tail-spin," said a White House worker on condition of anonymity. Unfortunately, for the president's team, allegations that Stephen Bannon, Trump's controversial Chief Strategist, was telling the president that Jones' defense is simply the "lie forced on him by the Lugrenpress, the Democrats, and the Globalists.

"Bannon is going 'You can't trust a judge--you know that, Donald,' which really isn't helping. Donald thinks all judges are paid off by shadowy figures in the Obama administration and he's susceptible to Bannon. The president wants to believe." Sources say they are hoping the president's son-in-law Kushner or daughter Ivanka can "Talk him down" but so far the 'false-flag crowd' seems to be winning.

"The president's heart is with InfoWars," said our source. "He has a very specific world-view and there aren't many places he can go to get it these days." He shook his head.

"I don't know what we're going to do when he finds out about Fox and Friends."