The Exoteric Truth Explains: Why Is The Far Left Pro-Trump?

The YouTube Channel The Exorteric Truth takes on the question "Why guys like Glenn Greenwald and The Young Turks wind up being pro-Trump and pro-Russian when, by any objective measure of their stated philosophy, the US is better and any candidate other than Trump would be superior?"

The video references decision-making science which suggests that what is happening when we think we are rationally making choices things is really a rationalization of a decision that gets created on a deeper emotional level. In this case, the far-left's hatred for "heretics" (the liberal Democrats) outweighs the more rational and substantial policy differences and leads to an awkward embrace of Trump, the Russians, and conservative news outlets.

Is the Exoteric Truth correct? Who knows--we'll all have to make our own decisions--but science suggests that we won't be able to evaluate it objectively!