Syrian Commander Disappointed In Trump Air-Strike

Col Mummad Naser, Commander of the 675th Fighter Squadron in the Syrian 50th Air Brigade operating out of the al-Shayrat airbase might seem an unlikely fan of United States president Donald Trump--but following the much discussed missile attack carried out by US Forces, Naser took to Twitter to complain about what he saw as Trump's weakness in military doctrine. Following the attacks, he launched a tweetstorm where he admitted he had been a fan of Donald Trump's until Trump launched what he described as a "weaksauce" attack on his installation.

When contacted by phone, Nasur told RealTrueNews: "When Trump was elected, I finally say 'Oh--a strong American Leader again!' Now, we may war--but I respect strength. Obama was a pussy. That 'W' guy was joke. But here is Trump! Strong. Gives no fucks. I expect big things. ISIS in 30 days! China? Currency Manipulator. Hillary in jail like strong-man would."

"But no. He become like all other Washington animals. Beholden to special interests. Global capital--that's 'The Jews.' Write that down. All of that. Next thing you know, he paying for Russian steel for his pipeline. He can't even repeal Obamacare. I throw up my hands. What a clusterfuck."

"I thought he would have those Freedom Caucus guys in front of firing squad. Or their kids in jail. Something like that. No, no. I shake my damn head. He get--how you say--cucked? He get cucked right away. THEN--THEN HE attacks."

"First, he calls Russia: please move your planes. But leave some for ME. I have to leave a MiG 25 that almost works. Right there. And you know what? THEY ALMOST MISS IT. Then they use namby-pamby HE. Where are cluster munitions--that would make the airfield unusable. Instead we get pot-holes. We get already condemned building knocked down. I say 'This is American Military Might'??"

He paused to think.

"Look, it is still VERY early. Not even first 100-days yet. Trump brings back jobs. He keeps some terrorist out? Maybe? He put Gorsuch on court--that will pay dividends for years. I can be okay with that. Maybe he can get Hillary hanged in second term? I don't know--I still give him time--but I think next attack needs to be strong. Maybe sink that Chinese carrier? I think Great American Military could manage. If they get lucky."