Men's Rights Activists STUNNED By New YouTube Channel: The Exoteric Truth

Men's Rights Activists, a burgeoning Internet community of men seeking to address grievances they feel are perpetrated against them by an oppressive, feminized society were stunned by a mysterious new YouTube channel bringing "Nuclear Truth Bombs" to the Men's Rights, Red Pill, and Men Going Their Own Way movement.

The channel, called the Exoteric Truth, presents a new direction that MRAs are calling "Breathtaking" and "Mind-Blowing."

"I'd always respected the Men-Going-Their-Own-Way movement," said Paul Elam, the senior editor of A Voice For Men. "This took it to a whole new level in terms of clarity and focus. I might have to reconsider my whole approach. I mean--we've always sought absolute honesty in our attacks on feminism and wominazis--but this . . . this has really given me something to think about."

Others in the community were equally, if not more shaken. "The message," said the YouTuber known as Thinking Ape, "is one that our people hadn't really considered. I mean, we know that society is stacked against us--but I never considered the . . . internal angle."

He indicated that after viewing the video he might re-consider his philosophy. We'll reveal more as we seek to determine who the figure is behind the Exoteric Truth, what that even means, and where this journey is taking us.