Trump-PAC Launches NoMoreMockery.Com

On the heals of a rocky first three months of the Trump administration, a group of Trump-Supporters have launched, a site that attempts to educate non-Trump voting liberals on how to have better relationships with Trump-supporters in their lives. NoMoreMockery explains to the liberal reader what it is like to be a Trump-Voter in modern America.

The site has commentary on how Trump voters see the world and the election as well as helpful tips on how to welcome Trump-Supporters back into your life.

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The site touches on the anger and alienation that Trump-Voters have felt and their discontent at being painted as "stupid bigots" who voted their self-image instead of their self-interest. The site attempts to reach out to liberals, reminding them of their tolerance and open-mindedness in an attempt to bridge the divide that has taken over partisan America.


Among the suggestions for a for a liberal are:

  1. Stop Debunking Pro-Trump Stories: It's embarrassing.

  2. Admit That Trump Has Made a Real Difference: We think he has.

  3. Stop Making Fun of His Tweets: Think of him as your friend, not a political enemy.

  4. We Can Call Ourselves Deplorable, You Can't: This should be familiar to most liberals.

  5. Stop Linking to Anti-Trump Sties: It's creating discord and splitting America!

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